Posted by: bearcruzer | April 26, 2010

Blog Updated! Finally!

Monday April 26th,  3:45 pm

Dave and Trudie on S/V Persephone left the harbor this morning and we have been reading about some other ports and anchorages along the southern coast of Puerto Rico.    We have been studying the Grib and Weather files and will follow them south tomorrow morning toward La Parguera where there is a phosphorescent bay about a mile from the anchorage.   We will not be there at the best time as the moon is coming on full and it is best seen on a new moon,  but it should still be interesting to explore.    In the meantime the Tradewinds have come up and we are sitting at anchor here in the harbor with a steady 20 knots of winds coming from the Southeast.    We along with Patty and John from S/V Ahinga and a couple of other captains and friend of Chuck here in the harbor had to come to the Rescue of Ronin again as it began dragging on the Delta anchor that Chuck had set.    We attempted to reset the Delta but without success.   We found a Danforth anchor aboard and swapped it out for the Delta and with the aid of Mighty Mouse moved Ronin closer to shore and set the anchor securely and dropped as much rode as we could to keep Ronin from going on unattended walkabout around the harbor again.     She is now anchored out about 500 yards from everyone else here in the harbor and we all will be keeping a close eye to make sure she stays put.    So here I am with seated in Galloway’s getting caught up and bringing you all up to date with the latest adventures.   Mike and I just finished lunch and will be headed back out to DD for a swim and maybe even a little nap….Consider yourselves Up To Date!!!

Updating the Blog at Galloway's



  1. Crystal and Michael,

    We loved all the blog updates! I have them all printed, and have added them to our “hard copy” blog album.

    Love, Dad and Mom

  2. Now that is some big time blogging for one day!

    Sounds like quite and adventure! Keep it coming.


  3. Hey Fun Hogs!
    We bought a motorcycle in Costa Rica this week. 125 Yamaha with one helmet! Also are filling our shipping container, Kontiki, with toys- boats, dirt bikes and golf cart. We sold MingaKat 1 to our neighbor, and things are flowing nicely.
    Keep letting the good times roll!

  4. Love the Blog, One of our Favorite anchorages in the P.R. was Ensanada Honda on Viequz. I know all the spelling are wrong.
    The western corner of the massave bay will put our in heaven, with places to explorer and a great hurricane hole. We stayed for a week. If you go to the east end of the bay, and walk along the shore, you will get to a tourist beach. They can tell you how to get into town. We took the Ferry from Fahardo. on the mainland. It ran aground in the harbor. Paula and I bought a 14 ft Carolina Skiff with a Honda 25 to explorer the lakes around the area. Have fun.
    George and Paula

  5. Yo, 2 1/2 weeks and no postings? Having too much fun or what? Robbie swears he saw you motorsailing from St Thomas to St John on the 11th of May (that is, if you still keep track of time) midday. He was on the ferry, on his way home to Pagosa…which by the way is the windy city this spring, as the snow squalls continue into May.
    Love, Em and Robbie

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