Posted by: bearcruzer | April 26, 2010

Beautiful, Busy, Boqueron

We had settled into relaxation mode, taking daily swims to cool off and walks around the town and even hanging our hammock up on Deck.  Boqueron is a lively place at night and on the weekends as it fills up with college kids and families that come to enjoy the atmosphere and the beach scene.   Music pours from doorways and windows of homes, bars and restaurants.  Colorful roadside vendors sell a variety of food including fresh oysters and clams on the halfshell, jewelry, t-shirts, and of course winning lottery numbers, while local artists display their wares and talents.   The 1/2 mile long beach and the park behind it fill with locals and even more music.  There are rows and rows of bungalows in the park and along the beach provided by the park service, it is somewhat like upscale camping.   Families bring their coolers filled with food and drink and stay for the entire weekend.     We were walking through the other day and watched as dozens and dozens of porta-toilets were strategically placed throughout the park and the grounds were marked off in a grid pattern.    We discovered that the beach and park would be even busier this weekend as there is a Regional Boy Scout Jamboree taking place here.    We watched and the Scouts began to arrive and set up their tents.   It brought back a lot of great memories of time spent with Corey and Sage at various scouting events.  That is until 4:45 this morning when they began to play reveille through loud speakers mounted on a truck that drove around the park grounds blaring what I can only describe as a Puerto Rican version of a marching band tune played continuously for 45 minutes and interspersed with sirens and other loud sounds to drive the scouts, and a few sailors, from their beds.    From the boat we can see the different troops in a rainbow of matching color t-Shirts participating in a variety of events and activities along the beach.

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