Posted by: bearcruzer | April 26, 2010

A Good Turn Daily!

In keeping with the scouting tradition, Michael did his good deed of the day and came to the aid of a fellow boater, with Mighty Mouse once again pressed into service as a rescue boat.    A Single Hander by the name of Chuck had traveled from Samana in the DR headed home to Boqueron, Puerto Rico aboard his boat Ronin.  He had engine trouble and then his Autopilot went out.   The weather window for the Mona  Passage had been predicted as fairly calm but Chuck spent at least 5 hours in 30 -35 knot winds and big waves .  He finally made it just outside of Boqueron Harbor and droppned anchor at about 8:00pm the night before.    He was exhausted and so did not risk sailing alone through the reef and into the harbor.  He had called his girlfriend, Lolin in the morning to tell her he was back and to see if she could find someone to help tow him the last 3 miles to safety.    Lolin had come into the Restaurant where Michael and I were attempting to access the internet.   It was the only restaurant where she knew anyone.   Terry, a friend of Chucks, was working there and when she explained his situation he came over to our table and asked if we were on a boat and if we had a big enough engine to assist him.     Michael hopped into Mighty Mouse and stopped by DD to fuel up and gather some gear and a radio before heading out the 3.5 miles to where Ronin was anchored.   Lolin contacted Chuck via cell phone and told him help was on the way.   Mike made his way out to Ronin and tied Mighty Mouse along side.   The waves were about 3 ft and a Mike had to stay in the Dingy for much of the tow to keep Mighty Mouse under control.   He was finally able to tie off the engine once inside the harbor buoy and climb aboard Ronin.   Chuck was extremely grateful for the help.   I stayed with Lolin as we watched them come into the harbor and anchor.   A very wet Michael brought a weary but thankful Chuck and his large gray tabby cat,Thomas ashore to the welcoming arms of Lolin.   We said our goodbyes and made plans to meet up with Chuck and Lolin for dinner at Chucks home the next evening.

Ronin at Anchor in Boqueron Harbor...At Last!


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