Posted by: bearcruzer | April 15, 2010

Navigating the System

We completed our check in the next day and paid a $10.00 customs fee, and a $10.00 fee for a Tourist Card.   We also had to check in with the Commandante.  We made our way across a narrow plank bridge and up to his office where we were met by soldiers in fatigues carrying M-16 without clips or bullets or maybe they are like Barney Fife and are only allowed one bullet.   We waited about 20 minutes for the Commandante to arrive.   He was very kind but was difficult to understand as he spoke very quickly and my Spanish is still very rough.  I apologized profusely and he joked that he and I were born the same year and how did Mike come to have such a young wife?  He welcomed us to Luperon and told us we will not have to pay him a $20.00 fee until we check out of Luperon.   So all in all around $100 in fees to Visit the DR barring any additional fees as we travel along the coast.  We have spent a few days walking around the town and learning where things are.   It is important to pay close attention when making purchases.  If the prices are not marked there you may be quoted gringo prices which although are not as high as in the Turks and Caicos….are at least double local prices.   Prices for most items and food stuffs are very inexpensive.   I have been studying my Spanish and have attempted to converse briefly with some of the local people.  They have all been very friendly and welcoming and appreciate any attempts to communicate in Spanish with them.     We have picked up a strong Wifi signal in the harbor and also have access to free WiFi at either Shaggy’s Bar or Captain Steve’s Place in town.   We will try to get back online soon.

Fishermen repairing Nets


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