Posted by: bearcruzer | April 15, 2010

Arrival in Luperon, DR

April 11th, 2010

We followed Van Sant’s recommendation and left Big Sand Cay for Luperon at 7:00pm in order to arrive at Sunrise the next day.   We had winds on the beam out of the east at 18-22 kts steady which DD performs well in.  The seas were between 1.5 – 2 meters out of the E-NE which made for a little bit of a rough passage.   There was a bit of excitement on this moonless night when we ran into some small squalls that backwinded the sails at about 30kts and spun the boat around.  We started the engine and got back on course and made it to the entrance to the harbor just after sunrise.     Persephone called us on the VHF just as we were entering and so was able to return the favor of having someone call us by name as we entered a new country just as we had done for them upon entering the T & C.    The harbor was calm and beautiful in the morning light.   A protected and quiet bay surrounded by verdant lush vegetation and snowy egrets flying from their roosts across the still water.   Bird sounds filled the air and mingled with the occasional morning rooster crowing.   We picked up a mooring at $2.00 per day, we figured it would be less hassle than trying to clean the anchor chain after it spent a week in this harbor where barnacles have been known to begin growing on anything that is in these waters for more than a few days.   We then raised the yellow Q flag and after listening to the Sunday Cruisers Net and being treated to a spectacular Rainbow over the anchorage, we settled down for a cat nap.    Around midmorning we lowered Mighty Mouse into the water and motored over to the government dock and checked in with immigration (Fee $63.00 US)which allowed us to walk around town.    The other offices that we needed to check in with were closed and so we will clear with them on Monday.     David and Trudy showed us around town and gave us the skinny on where to find goods and services.  They told us that because it was a Sunday the streets were especially quiet.   Even so they were filled with people sitting outside their homes visiting with their neighbors.   Dogs, goats, chickens and children were running around.  Scooters and Motorcycles were zipping up and down the street and Dominican Music filled the air.   When I commented that it did not seem very quiet David and Trudy said, “Just wait till you see it when it is busy.    As we were to find out very soon they were right.

Entering Puerto Blanco, Luperon

Snowy Egrets

Rainbow over Puerto Blanco, Luperon


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