Posted by: bearcruzer | April 15, 2010

A Day in Puerto Plata

April 13th, 2010

David, Trudy, Michael & I took a day and traveled by gua gua (public taxi) to Puerto Plata about an hours drive away.   Costs for transportation for the 4 of us came to about $24.00 round trip.  The countryside outside of the towns is just beautiful.   At one point during our drive we passed a large group of people walking along both sides of the road, all wearing black pants or skirts and white shirts.   I was able to ask and understand from the driver that there was a funeral and the immediate family, were the ones in black and white.   We also got to listen to some great Dominican Music along the way, so we were introduced to the music of Rubby Perez.    We were dropped off at the city center and were immediately met by a tourist host.  These kind gentlemen are provided by the office of tourism and are available to assist tourists in seeing the sights in and around Puerto Plata.   Rafael was our guide for the 1st hour or so of our visit.  He took us into the beautiful San Felipe Cathedral and then walked with us out to the San Felipe Fort that overlooks the Town and Harbor.   We walked around the fort and took some pictures, we then stopped for a cold drink.  We tipped Rafael and thanked him for his assistance but told him we wanted to explore on our own.   He looked very disappointed but left us in peace.

We wandered around a bit more and found the post office where David was able to get his taxes postmarked and mailed(we of course had to take a photo of that monumental occasion as well).   Since we paid Uncle Sam we figured we would continue with giving money to another Sam here in Puerto Plata.   We walked over to Sam’s Bar & Grill in the Hotel Castilla,  just off of the main square where we enjoyed an early dinner.

We wandered back to the main square and took a taxi out to the Teleferco, a cable car that takes visitors up to the top of the mountain at 7500ft. We purchased our tickets and boarded the Cable car that carried us up into the clouds at the top of the mountain.  During our ascent we enjoyed the spectacular views over the town and port.  At the very top we were delighted to discover a scaled down statue of Jesus, similar to the one that stands above Rio de Jainero that we could not see previously because of the clouds covering the mountain top.    It was surrounded by a beautiful botanical garden.  We walked around for a bit enjoying the gardens and the cool air at that altitude along with the clouds that drifted atop the mountain.    We took numerous photos and I, being the graceful person that I am, went to pose for a picture atop a wall and promptly lost my balance and fell off the opposite side.   The steep slope on that side was fortunately covered in dense foliage that I grabbed onto and so I only fell about 4 feet down the 75 ft slope.   I was able to climb back over the wall with only my ego bruised.   Michael had rushed to my rescue but seeing that I was uninjured could only repeat over and over how he wished he had taken a photo of me on my back with my eyes wide and a death grip on the shrubbery.   We rode the cable car through the clouds back down the mountain and headed back to Luperon after a terrific and almost exciting day exploring Puerto Plata!

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  1. Hey Cat Woman! Glad to hear you and the NEW St. Michael are back on the water again!
    We are getting a 125 Yamaha motorcycle down in Costa Rica, have already negotiated a price. Have our storage container and are packing.
    Crystal, do you still have your crystalblu Email address? I sent you a message there.
    You had a better Easter than us- we were trying to get to Boise and ended up in the Denver Airport all day!
    Love your posts! LTL & G

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