Posted by: bearcruzer | April 2, 2010

Still here in the Boatyard

We’re here cause we’re not all there.  We are well into week 4 of what we were told would be a week long repair project.   We feel like we should head down to the Can’t Do-It Center and pick up a mailbox but that in itself is a futile effort as there is no reliable mail service to speak of on the Island.    The majority of the delays have been due to lack of materials.   This week however, except for the shortened work week and upcoming 4 day weekend, the work seems to be on track and the crew appears to have obtained the needed supplies to complete the project.   We are keeping our fingers and toes crossed.   In the meantime we have been trying to keep busy doing little projects here on DD, taking walks on the beach and generally just trying to stay as busy as possible to pass the time.

The plus side of spending so much time here has been getting to know some of the crew a little better.    I have gotten to spend time with Adeline and  Domingo (who works here in the yard) watching them fish after work and have even spent some time attempting to communicate with my broken Spanish (they are from the Dominican Republic).  She even made and shared with us a Dominican Dish and we shared a curried pork dish with them.    I have also spent time sitting and chatting with Tammy, a local gal who comes down to the dock with her daughter Tanyssia, her sister Kenya and other family and friends to fish.  She always has a wonderful smile and a big hello for me.   There is an ongoing rivalry going on regarding who will catch the most or biggest fish and the friendly banter continues throughout the evening.



  1. When I look at this picture I want to lay on the dock with the kids and peer over the side and fish with them at sunset!

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