Posted by: bearcruzer | April 2, 2010

Persephone Catches Us

April 1st, 2010

David and Trudie arrived here in Provo on Wed Late Afternoon.   We called them just as they were coming through the reef entering the Sanbore Channel on the southwest end of Provodenciales in the T&C.    We kept the welcome short as the best way to transit this area requires a constant eye out for submerged coral heads.   Once anchored safely in Sapodilla Bay they called us back on the radio and told us how wonderful it was to be welcomed to a new country by someone calling their boat by name.   David was anxious to regale us with his fishing story during their crossing from Rum to Provo where he hooked a marlin on 25 lb test and watched it do 3 leaps and a tail walk before biting through the steel leader and disappearing.    With his confidence boosted he re-rigged the line and then proceeded to catch a nice size Mahi-Mahi.   For more details see SV Persephone’s Blog.    We made plans to meet up with them the next evening at the local Cruisers BBQ at South Side Marina.  On Thursday we rented the car for a 2nd day.  We had to extend our Visas as they ran out at the end of March… $50.00 per person for an additional 30 days, it was a big unwelcome but required ding in the wallet.    We made a grocery run for fruits and veggies again and picked up some Staples (i.e. Presidente Beer) for Persephone and some supplies.

We also stopped by Long Bay to say farewell to Polly’s Sons Ben and Trevor and their friend Will and to watch them Kiteboard.    Ben and Will leave to return to Colorado, on Friday & Trevor heads back to Florida on Sunday.   Kiteboarding is definitely something we want to try when we have a longer block of time to dedicate to learning its details and nuances of which there are many.

We made our way back to our boat as we wanted to check on the progress of the work on the boat only to discover that no work had been done, AGAIN, as the main person who had been doing the work had left early for the holiday weekend.   I went and talked to the foreman who assured me our new starboard keel would be attached to the boat on Saturday.  It turns out because Friday and Monday are holidays the crew is working Saturday.  Thank goodness.    We had purchased some screening which we hung in our Salon Entry and some Fly strips.    When the wind is not blowing it can get pretty buggy here in the yard.   Wish we would have done this a couple of weeks ago….but who knew the job would take so long.  We have been told the repairs should be completed and we should be back in the water by next Wed April 7th but this is coming from the Foreman of the Project who is the same person who told us the work would only take a week so we are not holding our breath but hoping for the best.


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