Posted by: bearcruzer | April 2, 2010

Our Posse

I cannot stress enough how much our new friends Byron and Polly have meant to us during our confinement here.  They have become our posse….riding to our rescue, emerging from a cloud of dust with a Mighty “Hi Ho Dooley”,  in their Land Rover or in a veil of sea spray aboard their Contender, Off Cay.    They pulled up to the dock the other day and wisked us away for an afternoon ride over to Pine Cay.

Polly’s son Ben and his friend Will were visiting from, of all places, Colorado.  We felt an immediate affinity with these two terrific young men.    It felt great to be back on the water.  We zipped across the bay watching for shallow coral heads and enjoying the salt spray once again on our skin.   Byron pulled along side a grounded steel freighter that has sat rusting in the bay for the last 5 years or so.   Ben and Will with their skills in rock climbing and, using an old cargo net as an aider, ascended from the boat and scaled the side of the freighter to explore.   We turned them loose with our cameras so we too could enjoy the adventure, later, over cocktails & from the comfort of a, not so rusty, deck chair.

Our escape/adventure was topped off with a wonderful dinner.  Once again, It was a real treat to get to spend time with Polly, Byron ,Ben and Will and of Course  Dooley the Deliquesced,  who languished in La Gringa’s arms dreaming, no doubt, of domiciles deep in disembodied but declamatory ducks. (Delve Deeper into Dooley’s Domain)  Thanks again for another terrific Day!


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