Posted by: bearcruzer | April 2, 2010

Catching Up with Friends

We met up with Trudie and David of SV Persephone and also Carl and Carrie of SV Sanctuary at the weekly Thursday evening BBQ at South Side Marina. It was great catching up with everyone as we had not seen them since we left Georgetown.   David and Trudy brought enough Mahi Mahi for the 4 of us as well as a really nice gift of a Portable Depth Sounder for Mike’s B-Day.  Thanks Guys.

We also met up with Nica, Jeremy, Julian, and Madeline of SV Calypso whom we had met when we arrived here in the T&C and who just returned from a trip down to the Dominican Republic.  They got us really pumped about getting the heck outta here with their stories of those things not to miss when traveling to the DR.  They especially enjoyed the 27 Charcos (waterfalls)   We can’t wait to be back out there traveling to new places and adventures.    We enjoyed another terrific evening filled with wonderful people and great food.   We gave David and Trudie a ride back to Sapodilla Bay said our farewells and we look forward to seeing them again in the DR.  They will probably beat us by a week or so as the winds are favorable for them to leave this weekend and then not again till late next week.   We hope we will be in the water for the next weather window.    Hold onto good thoughts for the completion of our repairs and launch this week.



  1. How goes it Mikey and Crystal? Caught up on your blog a little today. Love the pics. Glad you are making new friends but sorry the boat repairs are taking so long. Sounds like T&C is a lot like Mexico were everything is mañana. What does your itinerary look like over the next 30-90 days?

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