Posted by: bearcruzer | March 19, 2010

New Friends Made

We hadn’t been listening to the VHF or the South Side Cruisers Net on Channel 18 at 7:30am and so had not been in contact with the cruising community for the last week or so.  We had kinda taken a break after the constant drone experienced in G-Town.  We do however have a great internet connection and have been spending some of our free time doing research and checking out what sorts of attractions Turks and Caicos has to offer for when we are underway again.   This is how we met up with Byron and Polly also known affectionately as 2 gringos.    They have been living here on Provo for 5 years along with their Dog, Dooley the Deranged, and writing about their experiences.   I contacted them via e-mail to let them know how much we were enjoying their blog and to let them know we would be here at the shipyard for at least another week and if they happened to be in the area to stop by and say hello.  Well the very next day, they did just that.   I heard Mike talking to someone in the yard and when I stepped out and saw who it was I yelled, “Hey, I know that dog from the internet!”  In our conversations they described themselves as cruiser gonnabees, not cruiser wannabees and enjoyed the tour of Dancing Dolphin.   They have been looking at the Gemini Cats as they want a boat with very little draft to take into vast amount of skinny water in and around the T&C.  Anyway, Byron and Polly reminded us about the Net and told us that South Side Marina hosts a cruisers potluck every Thursday, and they had wanted to go check it out, so we made plans to do just that.  Polly and Byron came by with Dooley and took us around to see some of the Island we had not yet checked out and then we headed back to their home overlooking the turquoise waters of the Banks and across the Wetlands next to the Shipyard.   Polly made a delicious brochette and we brought some of our Blackfin Tuna and some Red Beans and Rice for our contribution to the BBQ/Potluck.    We arrived at South Side Marina and enjoyed visiting with some other cruisers again.  Simon who manages the Marina is extremely obliging.  Talking about where everyone is headed has us ever more eager to be back out there on the water too.   After the Potluck we headed back to Polly and Byron’s and continued to enjoy ourselves into the wee hours of the morning (For me a little too much), before they brought us back to the yard.     We really enjoyed their company.   We are honored that they invited us to spend time with them during our stay and feel we have made some wonderful new friends.   Thanks Byron, Polly and Dooley the Delightful.


Us with Dooley the Daring

Flamingos near Byron and Polly’s Home



  1. Hey Guys,

    The pleasure was ours! And thanks for the nice write-up. We’re looking foward to getting together again but not until the wee hours. I’m still recovering! 😉

  2. You guys are so easy, glad to see your using your charming personataly (?) making new friends!! thanks for the call the other day sorry I was driving at 40mph on icey hy. roads puckering up and could’t really talk as much as i would have like to .. Keep in touch and maybe i or we will see ya i the D.R. Spring is coming here fast, I see some brown grass showing there is hope after all. Keep it up you two, and maybe I’l be sailing beside DD in the future!!!

  3. Hi there. I’m catching up with all the writings you’ve done! Mike you’ve grown a goatee! Its funny that the pics you’ve made on Staniels Cay and Thunderbull grotto are the same we’ve made, although we weren’t there together! And its very nice to see us 4 on a photo on your webside. It looks so far away and long ago but I’m very happy I’ve done it! And you know that Belgium is still welcoming you if you ever decide to visit Europe!. Take care and enjoy your travel!

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