Posted by: bearcruzer | March 19, 2010


Except for Mighty Mouse who is locked up on their floating dock we are without transportation which is just as well as there is not much here on the island that is accessible by Dink. We rented a car for a day from one of the local guys here at the marina took a little drive around the island and stopped at Da Conch Shack where we sampled their conch salad and had a couple of rum drinks.   We also went by the grocery store to pick up some staples but will wait until we reach the Dominican Republic or Puerto Rico to Reprovision.  The prices here on food and drink are astronomical.   At least double US prices and on some things triple.      Arg! Matey, the cap’n has taken to rationin’ the Rum!

We have taken Mighty Mouse out for a spin a few times to break up the monotony of the boatyard life.  We explored some of the canals around the Marina, and saw a young sea turtle.   We have also gone out into the sound to swim and escape the heat and the bugs.  We snorkeled around a wrecked barge and saw some beautiful big reef fish.  Makes us wand to go and get a fishing permit.

We have been taking morning walks through the community near the yard and are always greeted by numerous Island dogs.    Most of these dogs all look the same, short hair, lean, floppy ears.  They take their guard dog jobs seriously enough to warrant a raucous round of barking whenever someone comes near.    Rusty who is on duty here at the yard is much more laid back, almost too laid back.  She will come and lean on you if you stand still for very long.   She has joined us on our walks and smiles now when she sees us heading for the gate.    We commented that with all of the “For Sale” signs, we could be walking down one of the gravel roads in Pagosa Springs.  Ok, except for the fact that we are in sandals, shorts, and t-shirts in the middle of March.


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