Posted by: bearcruzer | March 10, 2010

No Change

March 8th

An early morning uninvited Guest greeted us from the bow of our boat.   He was a bit annoyed when we came up from below and disturbed him from what I’m sure he thought was a lovely perch.   We lowered Mighty Mouse and dingied over to the dock and hiked over the hill to the Government Dock where it was rumored we could check in.   The security person at the gate told us to come back at 3:00pm and he would have someone from customs and immigration meet us there.   We walked around a little and found the Rock Carvings on top of the hill we traversed that were carved by stranded Mariners.  Some were quite elaborate and the earliest was from 1767. (   We made our way back by the designated time.    Security was strict at the Government Dock and we had to show ID before we were issued security badges to enter the complex.   We met with the Customs agent at the Port Authority building first.  The boat was given a 7 day permit to remain in T&C.   We explained that we might be here longer, if we needed to ship in parts for repairs.  We were told if we chose to stay after the 7 days we could purchase a cruising permit for $75.00 USD.  Immigration was more accommodating and for $15.00US granted us a Visa till the end of the month.   He could not however make change for a larger bill.  He suggested we walk down to the Gas Station/Convenience Store to get change while he waited.   We walked about ¼ mile down the road and were told by the Clerk that they too could not make change as there had just been a shift change and the drawer did not have enough.   We were directed to another convenience (and I use this term loosely) store who also did not have change.   We walked back to the Gas Station and waited another 20 minutes until a couple of people came into buy gas at which time we were able to make a purchase and come away with the correct amount of change for the immigration officer.   We walked back to the Government Dock and completed our check in.   Definitely a learning experience.   We will try to keep some smaller bills at the ready when entering a new place.



  1. Congratulations on another open water voyage – and happiest of birthdays to Mike.
    Josh and Robbie enjoyed a great birthday lunch at Boss Hoggs and were sorry you couldn’t make it in the end — Josh was even going to pick up the tab!

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