Posted by: bearcruzer | March 10, 2010

Back into the Blue

March 4, 2010

We have torn ourselves away from Georgetown and are underway once again.    We spent the better part of the day before reorganizing and mentally preparing ourselves for the sail.   “Getting our head back in the game” as our friend David so aptly puts it, was our goal.   We had stowed our gear, took the engine off Mighty Mouse and raised and secured her on her davits.   We arose early and made our way out of our cozy anchorage, past our favorite snorkeling spot and into the cut to head over to Long Island.  The winds  had subsided at least a little to the 15-20 knot range but the seas had yet to calm down and we found ourselves once again in 10ft swells which on our initial course had them hitting us broadside, not very comfortable.   We changed course and headed southeast along the coast of Little Exuma and the turned east past White Cay.  This took us across the banks where the swells were considerably less.    Upon reaching Long Island we headed north again along the coast but as we left the banks the swells increased again and we were headed into the wind and waves nose first.  We slogged our way north for a few miles and upon seeing Joe’s sound, the only protected anchorage in that area, full, we opted to turn around and head back south and spend the night in Thompson Bay, Long Island.   With the wind and waves on our stern the trip back south was again a breeze.   We anchored in Thompson Bay just before sunset and settled in for the evening.   We will make our way north again tomorrow hopefully after the seas lie down just a bit more.

Thompson Bay Long Island


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