Posted by: bearcruzer | March 8, 2010

Georgetown Regatta Recap

Well after nearly 6 weeks in Elizabeth Harbor, Georgetown, Exumas, Bahamas,  we managed to escape with our sense of adventure still intact.   I thought since I had not written much during this time you might like a little more detail into our time spent in Georgetown.    It is easy to get sucked in by the whirlwind of activities and atmosphere of the cruising community of G-Town and the festivities of Regatta.   It was a terrific place to entertain our family and friends as it had plenty of things to keep our minds from focusing on the continuing stream of north winds and cold weather…..Ok,Ok…..I know cold is a relative term for most of you back in the states.   The Georgetown Cruising Community has been described as, Adult Daycare, Sun City on the Sea, or Old Folks on Boats, primarily because of the general age of those who participate, volunteer, and coordinate the Regatta.   Michael says the last time he cruised there seemed to be a lot more young cruisers than he sees now.  I remind him he was of that younger crowd and is now older as well.  Many spend their entire winter here and return year after year.  This is after all what they use to refer to as Chicken Harbor as folks from the states would come this far and never venture further south.    During our stay, our mornings would usually start off with us tuning up the SSB radio to catch the weather from Chris Parker whose broadcasts became somewhat redundant with the projection of yet another cold front heading for the Bahamas.  We would gage the strengths and wind directions of the impending storms and choose which anchorage we would sit out the weather in.   Some of our favorites during our stay were Sand Dollar Beach, for its wonderful trails, long beach walks, shelling, and close proximity to afternoon fun volleyball (which both Mike and I loved), Crab Cay for its great protection from the weather and its short dingy ride to town,  and Red Shanks for its feeling of remoteness and beauty.   Our mornings also included faithfully tuning in to the Georgetown Cruisers Net broadcast on VHF Channel 68.  It features included a recap of the local weather, Community Announcements (activities), Regatta Announcements (contests, t-shirt sales, etc.), Boaters general (Items wanted/or available/lost & found /etc.), New Arrivals,  Departures, and a thought for the day.   The chatter over the VHF Radio was occasionally an annoyance at which time we would just shut it off but much of the time it was a source of entertainment.  There were some real characters in the Harbor who were very creative with their transmissions and one wonders if they actually scripted some of the more hilarious conversations and announcements.   Boats with names like Borrowed Horse and Mosey came up with some great ones.   Dan (Borrowed Horse) was the Self Appointed, unofficial spokesman for ARG!(Alcohol Research Group) and would coordinate weekly meetings/happy hours on the beach.   Ken (Mosey) aka Mr. (Are ya ready?) his moniker call before every serve at volleyball, also would keep us informed and entertained during the worst of the weather that passed through G-Town, (always promising warm fresh baked cookies prepared by his lovely wife Christie, at the height of the squalls and storms to any who wanted to dingy over to their boat!) The coconut telegraph was definitely in full swing and nothing was discussed over the VHF that you didn’t want everyone to know.  Boats and their crew would rename themselves or were given other names by their friends to try and achieve some anonymity on the Radio….next to impossible as voices were clearly recognizable and were followed shamelessly by all who knew them.  It was common place to hear, break! break!, and have someone join in your conversation.  Our afternoons were spent mainly on the Volleyball courts, weather permitting and we enjoyed a number of fun events put on by the dedicated volunteers of the Regatta committees as well as a number of evening spent a some of the more colorful local establishments.   We met and enjoyed the friendly people of Georgetown and treasured the company of our new friends as well as the joy of sharing a bit of our new lifestyle with old friends and family.   We gathered as many of our friend’s e-mails and or contact information that we could prior to leaving G-Town as we look forward to keeping in touch with them and perhaps meeting up again Down Island.   We loved our time fishing and snorkeling around the area and thrilled to the wonderful tastes of Lobster, fish, and conch dishes and appetizers prepared both by locals and copied to the best of our ability back on the boat.   We understand why cruisers return year after year to spend their winter in Velcro Harbor and we were honored to add the name of Dancing Dolphin to the border of the Georgetown Cruising Regatta Mural and the Guest book at the infamous Chat n Chill Bar on Volleyball Beach.   For us though, other Islands are calling and the continued, albeit atypical, North Winds are encouraging us to move ever southward.   The time has come to take our leave of Georgetown.  We will continue our sojourn taking with us some wonderful memories and of course a 30th Annual Georgetown Regatta T-Shirt.


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