Posted by: bearcruzer | March 3, 2010

Velcro Harbor

Feb 25 – Mar 3

Mike has continued to improve and is himself again.   He is still coughing but is back to his old ornery ways.   I thankfully never did come down with whatever the boys had.    We need to have some repairs done to the boat and we were hoping to travel up to Spanish Wells but the weather fronts just keep on coming and it looks like our chances for going back north are pretty much non-existent.   The weather has continued to present with an El Nino pattern of continued cold fronts and we were expecting gale force winds that thankfully passed to the north of us last night.   With the wind insisting that we abandon our northerly plans.   We have adjusted our attitudes and will now change our latitudes.  We are expecting NW to N winds at between 12 – 20 knots over the next 5 days so we will head south to the Turks and Caicos next and will check out the boatyard there.   We spent this last week connecting and gathering contact information from many of our new friends that we have met while staying in Georgetown.  We also were privileged to attend Chris Parker’s weather seminar on the 27th.   He travels here to the Bahamas once each year to share with the cruising community his vast wealth of knowledge regarding the weather.    We danced the night away at the opening day dance and no-talent show for the 30th annual Georgetown Regatta.   I was also honored to be invited by a group of musicians to sit in on their jam session and learn some new stuff on the guitar.    We will miss the many activities and amenities that this Velcro Harbor in Georgetown has blessed us with during our stay but we are itching to be on the move again and spent today getting Dancing Dolphin ready to head out to the big blue again.   We have shared our plans with a number of other boats and it looks like we will have a flotilla leaving with us.   We will travel to Long Island tomorrow and then on to Rum Cay and then South.    I will be writing more often now as there will not be as many activities to keep me away from the computer.    Please comment whenever you can.  We enjoy knowing that you are along for the sail!



  1. you two are looking great. jacki and I are well and waiting for the payoff on the river propterty. So if we can get it together are we still on for the get together with you two. I totally understand if you need some alone time no big. Keep the info coming we love it!
    Stay safe and happy

  2. I have totally followed your blog since day one. Love it!!!! I miss the sh*t out of you guys. Looks like y’all are having a super sweet time! All is good here. Work has been slow the past couple of months, but all is good!! Looks like I have good work coming up this spring/summer. God is good! BIG ASS hugs and kisses for you both.

  3. It is always nice to click on to your blog and see how the story continues. We may not like the long periods between the post, but totally understand. I think we all wish we could be detracted the way you guys are these days. Even if the weather could be better.
    Glad to here Mike is back to his bitchy self and is feeling better. To be honest Crystal I just don’t know how you do it, My hat is off to you. Ok all kidding aside, It is great to know you guys have settled into the cruising lifestyle and life is good.
    We leave Monday morning for Seattle to go get our new baby. We will spend a month on her in the sound area. I have solar and other systems to install. i am sure that there will be bugs to work out. After all, it is a boat. It will be nice to know we are close to where she was built and if anything comes up, they will be on it. Ranger really stands behind there boats. You don’t just buy a boat from them, you are joining a family. Everyone is looking out for one another.
    We will watch for your post from the PNW and keep you posted on our cruising. Thanks God the boat has a forced air heat that runs off the diesel fuel and only uses 1.5 amp hours on the batteries. I think we will put that to good use. By next fall we will be back in the sea of cortez.
    Till next time, Stuart&Bridget

  4. Glad to hear you survived the plague!
    I’ll bet you’re glad to be heading south- we’ve noticed on the weather map that you keep getting hit with clouds and rain.
    You, and a number of circumstances, have conspired to convince us to sell our house! Don’t worry, we are not moving onto the boat! We already have a housesitting gig in Costa Rica this summer for 4 months, near Arenal!
    We are enlisting all our friends to sell the house, and will leave the end of May, until the gig is finished, the end of September. Maybe you could sail to the eastern side of Costa Rica and meet us then!? Send us good energy for the house sale, as we always send you good energy for your adventures. Buenos suerte!

  5. It all sounds and looks great. If you have to be sick better there than in the snow in Pagosa. Weather in southern NM is good. Average 50 degrees and sunny. Which you all well and fair winds. Tom

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