Posted by: bearcruzer | February 28, 2010

Carl’s Visit

Feb 7 – Feb 22.

Thanks to you all for your patience.  My lack of writing was in direct proportion to the amount of work(and fun) involved with having guests aboard.   Our friend Carl Pitts spent two weeks with us aboard Dancing Dolphin.   We introduced him to the many activities offered by the Georgetown Cruising community and the enjoyed some of the local flavor of Georgetown and its wonderful people.   Carl’s initiation to Georgetown was filled with walks on the beach, some rounds of Volleyball,  and sampling the pleasures of the Gumbay Smash (with a floater, of course!) at the Chat n’ Chill, then to a St.Francis Resort to watch the Superbowl.    Carl was feeling no pain as we negotiated our way back to the dingy and the boat.   Over the next few days we took Carl out to our favorite snorkeling spots and hunted for lobster and Conch.     The weather was hit and miss as far as sunny days and the water temp was not the warmest but we still enjoyed our swims and our afternoons on the beach.  We would have liked to sail over to Long and Conception Island during Carl’s visit but with the continuing line of cold fronts and squalls that kept coming we had to content ourselves with the beauty and offerings of Georgetown Harbor.      Carl developed a bad cold/flu within a week of his arrival and so spent much of his time relaxing and recovering while enjoying the views from some of our favorite anchorages around Georgetown.   If you have to be sick at least you get to recover looking out over the turquoise waters at the beautiful sunsets here in the harbor.   As Carl’s health improved we ventured over to the local Fish Shacks.   These are a group of small local family restaurants/bars where many of the locals go to enjoy themselves.   We took Mighty Mouse(our dingy) across the bay and over to the Fish Shacks at about 5:30pm only to find out that most of the restaurants don’t even start serving until 7:00pm and the music and partying doesn’t really get going until around 10:00pm.   We chatted with the few locals, enjoyed a couple of beers, had an appetizer of grouper fingers and watched a rousing game of dominos.   We then enjoyed some great Bahamian style snapper with peas and rice and some wonderful BBQ Ribs.   The spices and seasoning were really incredible and we will attempt to duplicate some of them on the boat.   We returned to the boat before 9:00pm (cruisers midnight), I know, I know, were getting old.  Michael was next to come down with Carl’s gift after snorkeling in the cold water for too long and getting quite chilled.    So with one recovering and another getting sick we ran up the black flag and tried to avoid contact with too many other boaters.   I had somehow managed to hold my own during this round of plague that over ran Dancing Dolphin.  I attribute much of that to taking long walks on the beach with Jenny from White Bird and staying out of the water during the cold weather as well as munching on the Acai Berries found on our walks (rich in anti-oxidants).       Carl left the sometimes warm weather and sunshine of the Bahamas on Monday to return to the winter wonderland that is Pagosa Springs.   We hope he enjoyed his stay and I’m sure he will regale you all with many more details from his trip.



  1. No excuses! We need more timely updates to keep us working people on the mainland inspired and looking forward to our visit in the not too distant future!


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