Posted by: bearcruzer | February 9, 2010

Yum Conch! (pronounced Conk!)

Feb 2nd & 4rd

The boat feels both big and quiet now that Mom and Dad are gone.  Not that it was crowded or noisy while they were here but just having the responsibility for 4 lives instead of 2 seems to makes the days fly by and feel very full.   Spent the last couple of days housekeeping did all of our laundry in the Sputnik our hand crank washing Machine and got caught up with some maintenance issues and in the evening spent time visiting with Sue and Mac of s/v Suemac, a Tartan 40.   We attended a HAM Radio seminar on Hamburger Beach and then finished the day by heading back out to Fowl Cay with our friend David to do some spear fishing.   Michael found and speared a large lobster to add to our freezer and we also found a large conch bed that we had not swam over during our previous snorkels.   We brought home 6 conch.   We stopped at Sue and Macs as Sue had commented on how much she likes conch and has lots of recipes.   We finagled Sue into making us some conch fritters in exchange for some conch and enjoyed a nice evening only later realizing we had forgotten to hook up with David as previously arranged.  Ooops!  The great person he is he graciously forgave us after we promised to buy him some beer.   There is a cold front approaching again and along with it winds expected to blow at 20 – 25 kts out of the SW and W,  so we have moved the boat back over to Red Shanks where we are protected.    We made conch chowder with the rest of the conch.  Sue and Mac also came over to Red Shanks so we had them over for drinks and dinner aboard our boat.   Lee and Charlie from Windstar 4 also came by and gave us some fish identification books as we had mentioned that we had left ours in storage back in Pagosa.  They also loaned us another by a writer detailing his experiences buying a place and living in San Miguel Mexico.  They also stayed for cocktails and we had a great evening of funny and stimulating conversation.


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