Posted by: bearcruzer | February 9, 2010

Whoa were movin!

Feb 5 –Feb 6th

Friday we attended a benefit concert put on by a number of churches in Georgetown to raise money for the people of Haiti.   It was a lovely evening of revival type music and they had a great turnout.  We were lucky as we were experiencing the calm before the storm and had a comfortable dingy ride to and from Red Shanks into Georgetown.   Saturday was spent getting the boat ready for Guests again.  Carl Pitts from Pagosa Springs was due to arrive on Sunday and so while I prepped the inside of the boat,  Mike decided to change the engine oil.    We had the tunes cranked up and were surprised when our neighbor, Dennis,  from S/V Son of a Sailor pulled alongside of Dancing Dolphin and hollered up to Mike to ask if he was having trouble.   Mike extricated himself from the engine compartment and as he took a look around, saw that we were not where we had originally anchored.   We had drug approximately 50 yards from our original location.   Mike replied, “ Yes I guess I am, now!”    We scrambled as the engine was not in a condition to be restarted especially without oil.   We raced to get out our second anchor out and Mike jumped in the Dingy and took it out to set it.    We were able to get the boat to stop drifting and Mike hurried to complete the oil change so that we could reanchor back in our original position.   Unfortunately, while we were finishing up, another sailboat came into the small harbor and took our place.   We had to move to a different location altogether.     The holding was good and we enjoyed the comical VHF banter that persisted as cruisers readied themselves and their boats for a squall that built on the horizon and was moving in our direction.    The squall lasted approx an hour and winds topped out at 32 kts out of the SW.    The boat got a good freshwater rinse and we settled in for the last quiet evening alone for the next 2 weeks.   It will be an early morning Dingy Ride for us into Georgetown.  We pick Carl up at 7:30 am.



  1. I love looking at all your pictures. It warms me up as I gaze out of my windows at the piles of snow. I really do miss you guys, though, and can’t wait till we see you again.


  2. Mike and Crystal, Jim and i are working in Silver city,NM. Weather here is better than Pagosa but not as nice as there. I am envious. Keep up living the dream.

    Tom and jim

    PS. Sepp is going in for double hip replacemnets this summer. Do not get old! TG

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