Posted by: bearcruzer | February 9, 2010

Mom and Dad’s Visit

Jan 21 – Feb 1st

Mom and Dad joined us on the boat for a vacation and look into this new lifestyle we have embraced.   I arranged for our Bahamian friend, Vencil on Taxi 23 to pick me up and take me to the Georgetown Airport to meet Mom and Dad.   I was able to stand outside the fence and wave as they walked from their plane into the customs and immigration office for clearance into the country.    We traveled the 10 miles back into Georgetown and I called Mike on our Handheld VHF Radio to let him know we had arrived.    Mom and Dad packed well and only carried 2 small bags each, which is amazing in itself as I had given them a list of a number of small items that we needed from the States.   They waited patiently and we watched as Mike motored Mighty Mouse (our Dingy) under the bridge into Victoria Lake and up to the Exuma Market Dingy Dock.   He took Dad out to the boat with the luggage first and then came back for Mom and me.    We had brought Dancing Dolphin(DD) into Kit Cove next to Georgetown as the winds had picked up and we didn’t want to soak Mom and Dad upon their arrival by taking them on a long Dingy ride.   We welcomed them aboard and settled them into the Master Cabin.   We put Dad at the helm and had him take us back across the harbor to the anchorage off Honeymoon Beach below the Monument.    We introduced Mom and Dad to a number of our friends during their stay.   Our friends David and Trudy whom we had met in Warderick Wells treated us all to a wonderful Lobster Linguini dinner aboard their Sabre 40, Persephone.    We shared a few of our favorite anchorages around the Georgetown area.    Mom and Dad got their sea legs quickly and other than some mild queasiness when Dad was reading his book while we were underway, neither had any problem with seasickness.   We passed the time with them with a number of different activities.  Mom kicked butt at Mexican Train Dominos on the beach and Dad cheered us on at fun volleyball.  We shopped at the local straw Market where I purchased a mat for our Galley and Mom picked out some baskets and a doll.   We stopped at the local library and in the spirit of a true cruiser, Dad scored a Pilots guide to the Bahamas and Caribbean that was in the free box.   We took them out to our favorite snorkeling spot near Fowl Cay where Mom enjoyed a number of swims using her Underwater Camera to take some great pics.  Dad also learned to snorkel on this trip and after an afternoon of learning the basics and practicing near the beach he also ventured out to enjoy the underwater beauty of Fowl Cay.   We fished with both pole and hand lines, hiked the trails on Stocking Island, and walked the beaches looking for shells.   Mom got a little over zealous with her shell collecting and had a minor injury when she placed what she thought was an empty whelk shell into, (what she refers to her high pockets) the top of her bathing suit.  As she exited the water she felt a sudden pinching pain and reached into her bathing suit and hastily removed the whelk shell and its owner, a hermit crab, who had latched on with the grip of a teething baby.    Her injured, ah? Ego? was addressed as soon as we could stop laughing long enough to find the Neosporin.   We enjoyed Lobster & Fish Dinners, Lobster dips, Lobster Eggs Benedict, Conch Fritters, Conch Salad, and the classic Cheeseburger in Paradise.  Mom gave Michael some great digital photography tips that she learned and got him taking more pics with his new camera.   Together we were able to share with them the incredible beauty of  the Exumas turquoise waters and its plentiful undersea life as well as some amazing sunrises and sunsets in this small corner of the world.    Mom and Dad have always looked forward to visiting their children each time they moved into a new place so that they could imagine them in their new environment.   I guess we have given them quite a lot of food for their imaginations.   On Monday Feb 1st we went to lunch at Peace & Plenty and then we met Vencil at Exuma Market and with hugs and tears in our eyes we said our goodbyes.   When I asked them if their experience was what they had imagined, they responded, “ it was all that and so much more”  We’ll be back!


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