Posted by: bearcruzer | January 24, 2010

Hangin in Georgetown

Jan 13-20th

We made our way out of Square Rock Cut and into the Sound.  It was very lumpy with swells out of the NE at about 4-5 ft.   We motor-sailed on down the last 14.5 miles to Georgetown Harbor and anchored off of Monument beach, next to the Obelisk with a huge Osprey nest on top.    We spent our first afternoon with Mike taking me around to show me Georgetown and so he could see what has and has not changed in 13 years.   We met up with our friends Lee and Charlie of Windstar 4 and had a drink with them.   Lee and Charlie are active in the community and Lee does the weather on the local VHF cruisers net in the mornings here in Georgetown.  We then walked over to Hamburger Beach and across a small trail to the beach on the sound side.  It is known to be a good shelling beach.   Georgetown has gone out of the way to establish itself as cruiser friendly and to encourage cruisers to visit and stay.   If offers numerous places to eat and drink as well as free garbage service and free water at the dingy dock in town.   We reprovisioned with fresh fruits and veggies at the local Exuma Market.   The community of locals and cruisers alike are very welcoming and eager to to answer any questions newcomers may have on Channel 68.  General announcements go out every morning on channel 72 with the local businesses advertising their specials to the cruisers.    A list of the current day’s activities and up and coming events are also announced.   If a cruiser needs something or has something they want to get rid of that is also listed on the net.    The day after we arrived, I attended a gathering of Artists who mostly work in watercolor and got to practice with them.  We found that we had mutual Florida friends with one of the ladies.   The Cruising community is very open and at the same time seems very small.   Mike attended a Fishing Seminar,   and in the afternoon we played volleyball on the beach and a round of Mexican Train Dominos.  There is usually something happening every day.  We have spent the last few days taking advantage of the many offerings.  We have been playing fun volleyball in the afternoons and enjoyed yoga on the beach on Saturday morning.  Mike bought me a Georgetown Regatta T-Shirt and was entered into a drawing and won a bottle of wine.  He also picked up some great baked goods from Mom’s Bakery.   We have enjoyed meeting the beautiful people of Georgetown and will  have one of the local ladies weave a palm frond mat for our galley.  We traveled over to Red Shanks leaving the bustle of  the anchorages across from Georgetown.  Our friends Lee and Charlie aboard Windstar 4 showed us an alternate route.   We spent some time snorkeling and fishing for dinner.   We are so excited to have Mom and Dad here with us this week and to share with them our new life.   I know they will have a great time.



  1. We’ve spent much of this past week moving snow: nice snow at first, then a huge wet heavy dump. Finally the Pass opened and we dragged our tired butts up there today. Besides being College Day, it seemed all of the Front Range and Summit County had found their way to the deep pow of Wolf Creek. It was a literal cattle drive heading out the Knife ridge by 11:30! Still, it was a lot of fun, bouncy snow. Thought you might want to know what its like at home. Enjoy the family visit!

  2. Beach volleyball sounds alot better than shoveling 4′ of snow! Good on you!

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