Posted by: bearcruzer | January 15, 2010

Tsunami Warning?

Jan 11 – 12, 2010

We spent one more day waiting for the winds to diminish before leaving Lee Stocking.   We hiked with our newest friends Mirke and Jack over some of the trails on the Island and visited Perry’s Peak, the highest point in the Exumas at 123 ft.   We had dinner with Jack and Mirke on Jacks boat and bid them fair winds the next morning as they continued their journey north and we continued south.   We traveled down the inside route to a small anchorage called Square Rock.    There was only one other boat there and so it was very quiet and out of the currents and winds.   We spent the day exploring around some of the smaller Cays close to Square Rock with some beautiful sandy beaches and a great blowhole that shot a good 20 – 30 feet into the air.   Anyone who has visited Yellowstone will understand when I say it sound just like a geyser erupting.   A big rush of air and then water shoots up as waves from the Sound side of the Island are forced through the narrow openings under and through the limestone of the Cay.    We found lots of Whelks and considered collecting some to try and prepare for dinner.  Mike said he had seen them served in a fancy restaurant, but we opted instead to try our hand at fishing around the bay and coral head for some fish for dinner.  We had seen our neighbors Zeke and Jenny aboard s/v Whitebird, out in their dingy and kayak fishing for dinner and so we did the same.   Mike used his fancy Rod and reel and I rigged up a hand line.  We used some of the leftover lobster parts and some bacon as bait.   I caught the first fish,  a Nassau Grouper,  that I had to let go as they are out of season and protected.   We caught a variety of fish some edible, some not, and enjoyed our afternoon.  We kept 1 grunt and 3 porgies and had a fish fry for dinner.   As we were enjoying the sunset, when an announcement came over the VHF CH 16 that a 7.2 earthquake had just been reported.  We were not sure where but we continued to listen and even turned on the local radio station to discover that all of the Bahamas was under a Tsunami warning.   Mike dingied over to Whitebird and told Zeke and Jenny who were very grateful as they had not had their radio on.   We waited about an hour and never saw any change in wave or water height before the warning was lifted.  We finally found out the quake had happened near Port-a-prince in Haiti.  It is sad to think of the devastation that those folks are dealing with.  The country itself was already the poorest in the Northern Hemisphere.     It was later reported by the buoys that the Bahamas had indeed experienced a 13cm Tsunami from the Haiti quake.    We considered staying longer at Square Rock but wanted to get the rest of the way down to Georgetown to get acquainted with the town and the amenities it offered.    We will try to get back up and perhaps visit with Zeke and Jenny as they are also hunter-gatherers like us and based on the little exchange we had will probably have some great stories.



  1. Some of the people you meet will become life long friends. I’m so happy for Crystal. Screw Mike He’s been their before, but for Crystal this is a brave new world, with a great teacher.

  2. Great pictures, I worried about the tsunami warnings. Vince is looking for words onthat sacrifice trip????

  3. Hey Crystal @ Mike sounds like you are having a great trip. I am sitting here watching the snow, and thinking “you go girl”! Those lobsters look so good I was drooling!

  4. Ahoy great Lobster Slayers!
    We just got 2′ of fresh powder and more today.
    Please keep sending pictures of blue skies and turquoise water our way!
    We are sending in for rafting permits this week, the Goosenecks and the Chama, keeping it simple.
    Living vicariously through you- Doug and Laura

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