Posted by: bearcruzer | January 15, 2010

Staniel Cay

Jan 6, 2010

Mike and I made our way down to Staniel Cay.   We traveled into the Charted Anchorage but the Moorings were all in use.     We made our way back out to an anchorage listed in an old guidebook just south of Big Majors Spot.   The currents made the anchorage a little rolly but not too bad.   We took the dingy over to Staniel Cay.   They have built a wonderful protected little dingy beach.   We beached the dink and walked up the road to stretch our legs and check out the small town there.  The buildings and houses are all painted in wonderful bright colors and the sea wall has a big Welcome sign painted on it as well as portraits of some of the local people of the Island.  Mike was very impressed with the improvements in the last 13 years since he had been here.   We picked up a loaf of frozen white bread at the Pink Pearl Super Market for $5.50, ouch.  We did enjoy some wonderful conversation with the elderly Bahamian lady who owned the Super Market about the changes she has seen on the island and of course her children and grandchildren.   We were walking back to the dingy when we passed a bright yellow house.  The delicious aroma of fresh bread wafted through the air and we were delighted to read the sign out front, “Fresh Bahamian Bread”.   We knocked at the kitchen door and were met by and beautiful Bahamian woman in her 50’s.  We told her the smell had drawn us to her door and inquired as to what breads she had for sale.    She had Fresh Raisin Bread still cooling just out of the oven and we did not bat an eye at the $6.00 price.    We took our purchases back to the boat and enjoyed a snack of still warm raisin bread.   It is a welcome addition to our staples.


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