Posted by: bearcruzer | January 15, 2010

Lee Stocking Island

Jan 8- 10, 2010

We enjoyed a leisurely sail down to Lee Stocking Island and anchored by 10:00am next to a Caribbean Marine Research Station.  They have done extensive research on lobsters, grouper, and conch but have recently lost their funding and may be closing the facility.   I guess in a few years we’ll have more ruins to visit.  The weather upon our arrival and the next day can only be described as the calm before the storm.  It was beautiful and sunny with very little wind and we finally got up the nerve to get back in the water and do some hunting.   We ended up snorkeling outside of the entrance to Adderly Cut, which is marked by a large stone obelisk.  We learned that these markers were used to tell passing ships that salt was being produced and could be purchased for export.    We explored along the shoreline for about a ½ hour before we discovered, “The Spot”  a ledge of coral near shore where we found and speared 4 lobster each weighing appox. 4-5 lbs each.   We brought them back to the boat and enjoyed and wonderful lobster dinner and froze the rest for another meal.  Mike described today as STELLAR!    We went back out to the same spot the next day and found there were at least another 3 about the same size hiding under the same ledge.    Mike speared one and I attempted to spear one,  “I missed,  still learning the technique for breath control when diving and hunting”.    There were also some large snapper under the ledge as well.   Mike was getting ready to spear another lobster when we noticed we were not alone.   An eight foot nurse shark was circling us and taking a huge interest in us and our activities, which isn’t unusual as Nurse Sharks love lobster.   In fact there was about a 4 foot Nurse shark at one end of the ledge while we were hunting at the other end.   Normally they just sort of hang out quietly on the bottom waiting for an unwary lobster to grab and eat, this larger one however was very active and continued its pattern of circling us and came within about 6 feet of us a couple of times.    Although they are pretty docile as sharks go they can still bite and so we decided not to tempt fate and made our way cautiously back to the dingy.    We will have to be satisfied with the 5 lobsters we have taken from this spot for now and will remember it for a future hunt.   We invited our neighbors aboard the s/v Zeiggy to join us for cocktails and lobster dip.   We enjoyed our visit with Jack and Myrinka.  Jack is an engineer and a pilot and we enjoyed a geek bonding session where he showed me more of what I could do with my SSB Airmail program.   He also helped me understand what was happening with my compatibility issue as well as some of the speed issues with Airmail.  Myrinka is visiting Jack from Belgium on a 3 month sabbatical.  We helped them set a 2nd anchor after we had done the same for ourselves in preparation for the coming storm.  By the evening the winds began to increase and we had a spattering of rain.   Today, the storm is moving over us and the winds have increased to 15 – 20 knots and the 1 ft swells out of the NW have DD dancing on her anchors.   We are spending the day inside reading and writing.   I am catching up with my recollections of the past few days events so that you all may travel along with us.



  1. OMG! Yumm! Looks like you guys are having a blast! I cant wait to come join you!

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