Posted by: bearcruzer | January 15, 2010

Darby Cay

Jan 7, 2010

We made our way south again to Darby Cay.   There is ANOTHER cold front on its way to the Bahamas and so we are looking for a place to ride it out.    The spot Mike had scoped out as a small but well protected anchorage was already occupied by the s/v  Fussel  and its crew a German couple and their parrot Coco.   We made our way to the outer anchorage and dropped anchor for the evening.   We took the dink and went back over and chatted with one of the crew of Fussel and fed Coco.   She told us of some caves beyond the ruins on Darby Cay.   I must say here, that ruins is a relative term,  It can mean anything from an organized pile of rocks and coral to an older abandoned building that has been left to the elements.    The ruins of Darby fall in to the later category.  The cement buildings it is my understanding were built sometime in the 1930’s but have since been abandoned.  There is a large cement dock that rumor has it was used by the Germans in WWII to refuel their U-Boats.    We hiked along overgrown trails past a couple of small abandoned cement buildings and up to the main ruin, a large 2 story cement house painted a pale green.   It must have been really something in its day.   We walked through it and up to the second floor to take pictures off the balcony.    We then continued another ¼ mile through the island scrub and came upon the caves.  It looks as though they were once used as livestock pens, as there was an old rusted fence and a gate inside of the cave.   There were lots of bats in the alcoves and a couple of curious birds that came within a foot of us to check us out.    Mike commented that he wished he had a metal detector and I’m kicking myself for choosing to get him a camara instead of an Underwater Metal Detector for Christmas.  Oh well.   We made our way back to the boat, picked up the scissors and a comb and went back over to the cement dock where I gave Mike a haircut.     We enjoyed another beautiful sunset at Darby Cay and will try to make our way down to Lee Stocking Island in the morning to seek a more sheltered anchorage for the storm.


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