Posted by: bearcruzer | January 14, 2010

Warderwick Wells

Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park

Jan 3rd – 5th

We left Normans Pond and sailed south approx 13 miles down to Warderick Wells.  The weather has been very fickle on one hand and helpful on the other.  The northern cold fronts continue to give us good winds to sail but also blow quite hard at times and cause us to seek shelter to avoid being tossed around.   They have also brought cooler temps and make it difficult to talk ourselves into climbing into bathing suits to snorkel.   We caught and released a barracuda on the way down which was fun to reel in.   Warderick Wells is located in Exuma Land and Sea Park, a protected area that has been set up to create a place where fish and other wildlife can have a safe haven to replenish their populations.   The palette of blues and turquoise colors of the waters around Warderick Wells are incredible.    There is a narrow channel of deep water where the park has set up moorings for vessels visiting the park.  Because of the incoming storms the moorings filled up quickly.   We arrived on Sunday and after a hike around some of the islands trails, we were delighted to see a Pam and Graham Coffee of s/v Hot Latte-tudes and Sue and Paul of s/v Not a Clue.  They were part of the New Years Eve celebration at Normans Cay.   We all got together along with some new friends David and Trudy of s/v Persephone and had a great Happy Hour on the beach getting to know each other better.   We were joined by a rather pushy Thrasher that helped himself to our snacks and then some Hutia a native mammal that looks like a large brown guinea pig.     Pam and Graham are on Year 3 of cruising, and are heading to Cat Cay and other outlying islands.  They are also participating in a volunteer program that carries school supplies to the outer islands.  VERY COOL.   Paul, also and electrician and his wife Sue are enjoying the Bahamas for the winter.     David and Trudy we were delighted to discover have a similar story to ours,  rented the house, sold most of their belongings, packed their memories in a small storage area, and are off to sail around the Caribbean until the money runs out or they get tired of it.   No real plan as to where or when, same as us.   The next northern storm rolled through with cold winds on Monday and many of us were boat bound and so took advantage to catch up on e-mail and blogs.   Mike and I did take a brief hike up to Boo Boo Hill where numerous cruisers have left tokens to the ghosts of a schooner that was lost off of the island many moons ago.    We will return tomorrow to add our token to the pile to keep the spirits happy and on our side.  We also stopped by the ranger station and fed the bananaquits on our way back to the dingy.    On Tuesday morning, the winds had subsided a little and so Mike and I contacted David and Trudy and agreed to meet them on the beach to hike down to the ruins of a settlement left from the 1700’s.  We hiked through the island scrub forest and saw curly tailed lizards and Hutia.   Our little hike turned into 5 hours and culminated in our placing of our token with the others on Boo Boo Hill.   We made tentative plans with our new friends to meet up again for dinner but the winds increased again in the afternoon and since one of us would have to travel by dingy for the get together, we decided it would be best to postpone dinner to another night somewhere further down island on our trip.   Although the winds were not in our favor that evening they did  provided a fellow cruiser with the opportunity to entertain us with his amazing kite boarding abilities across the anchorage and around our boat and over our dingy at sunset.    Mike got some great shots with his new camera.   Mike and I will head out to Staniel Cay tomorrow morning and continue to work our way down to Georgetown where we will meet up with Crystals Mom and Dad on Jan 21st.


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