Posted by: bearcruzer | January 4, 2010

To Norman’s Cay

Dec 30th

A Bright New Day.  We left Nassau with a Floatilla of about 10 other boats all leaving Nassau for various ports.   We caught NE winds at about 17-20kts and motorsailed 37 miles to Norman’s Cay.   The seas were spirited at 5-7 ft.  DD performed well again and we blew by a couple of other boats that left before us and were headed for the same location.   Mike also caught his first fish on the way to Norman’s.  Things are looking up.  We arrived at Norman’s and anchored near a wreck of an old plane on the S side of the Island.  It remains from the 1980’swhen the Columbians were running drugs and entertaining the Bahamian officials to keep their operation running smoothly.  Part of the plane was exposed above the water and Mike told me he windsurfed around the tail (which had since collapsed) last time he was here.
The waters were beautiful in various shades of turquoise blue.  We passed by what Mike referred to as Corona Island, a small sandbank with a single palm tree.    The current was strong but we set 2 anchors and settled in for the evening.   Mike had read about Norman’s pond a protected anchorage that he thought we should be able to access from the East if we enter at high tide.   We will try to make our way into the pond tomorrow as there is a strong cold front approaching on Friday evening and Saturday that may present winds at 25-35 kts, Rainstorms and seas up to 12 ft.


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