Posted by: bearcruzer | January 4, 2010

Into the Pond

Dec 31, 2009

We consulted the charts and tide tables.  We weighed anchor at 7:30am and made our way against a strong tidal current powering through the 4-5 ft surf at the entrance to the cut and out into the channel.  We turned North toward the entrance to Norman’s Pond.   As we entered we visually scoured the entrance and surrounding area for 2 sets of steaks that were supposed to line up to show were the deepest part of the channel was.  We found one set but were having difficulty seeing the other set.  We traveled a little too wide of the channel and nearly ran aground. We finally spotted the second set of steaks and powered our way back into the channel and on into the Pond where it was calm.   We anchored and dropped our dingy into the water and decided we would go explore a  back route that was supposedly for dingies that ran from the pond to where we were first anchored without having to head out into the surf.    We thought we thought we would make our way over to the local hangout on Normans Cay called MacDuffs to see what they had planned for the evening.   Mike had promised me a fun New Years Eve since we spent most of Christmas crossing the Gulf Stream in rough seas.   We made our way along the dingy channel only to find that it was not deep enough even for dingies at low tide.  On our trek we began referring to each other as Charlie and Rosie as we had to play the parts of Humphrey Bogart and Katherine Hepburn in the African Queen.  We towed and drug the dingy across some of the shallower areas and sandbars.  We finally made our way around the point to where MacDuffs was located and found they were having a New Years Eve Buffet.   We made reservations(by giving them our boat name)  and then asked them if there was a way to get there by land as we did not want to make that dingy ride at night, (low tide was just after midnight and we didn’t think Charlie or Rosie would be in any condition to repeat our dingy trek) Kingsley, a local, who was sitting with us at the bar said he was coming back to MacDuffs this evening for the festivities.  He was renovating his house on the pond and would be happy to pick us up and give us a ride to MacDuffs.  He described to us which house was his and we agreed to meet him at 7:00pm.  Charlie and Rosie headed back across the sandbars and spent the afternoon resting up for the evening’s festivities.


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