Posted by: bearcruzer | January 4, 2010

A Promise Kept

Dec 31, 2009 – Jan 1, 2010

We cleaned up and took the dingy over to Kingsley’s house at 7:00pm.  There was no one at the house and initially we thought we might have gotten the description wrong.   We waited until almost 7:30 and then we began walking down the road. We ran into another gentleman who confirmed, we did have the right house, but Kingsley was at his in-laws house since he was renovating his.  He assured us he would be by soon as he needed to turn off all the lights.  Kingsley and his Wife, their children, His Sister and Brother-in-law and their children came barreling down the road and began apologizing profusely for being late.  We told them they had nothing to apologize for especially with that many people to get ready for the evening.   We hopped into the back of his truck along with a couple of the kids and headed up the road on what felt like Mr. Toads wild ride.  The roads are narrow and only partially paved in some areas, traveling in the dark on this unlit island road, after moving so slowly on the boat for so many days, it felt like we were traveling at amazing speed.   The food was terrific and the company even better.  We enjoyed a multitude of delicious island specialties and had a wonderful time meeting other cruisers and chatting with Locals and Cruisers alike.  We brought along a bottle of Champagne to toast the new year and shared it with our new friends.   2010 was rung in with Fireworks on the beach.  Kingsley and his family dropped us off at his house.   It was low tide and so we towed the dingy out across the shallows and rode back to DD under a beautiful full moon.  Mike kept his promise of a wonderful New Years.   A great time was had by all and even though we left along with our host family shortly after midnight, were heard tell of the party continuing into the early hours and of many of the party goers enjoying a skinny dip before retiring back to their boats and bungalows.



  1. For Paula and I it’s like reliving history.

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