Posted by: bearcruzer | December 29, 2009

Nassau Harbor

Dec 27th & 28th

We arrived in Nassau Harbor on Sunday afternoon.  We refueled and ran up the yellow quarantine flag.  Upon arrival we also discovered that we were to remain at the fuel dock and customs and immigration would come to check us in.   Customs and immigration were contacted and 1 ½ hours later they arrived only to find we had not been given the correct forms and so we had to hurriedly fill them out for the ladies.   We also found that the $150.00 check in fee only applies if you are less than 35ft.  We are 35ft and so were charged $300.00 to check in.  That’s not how it reads in the guide books.  I think it is all in how the immigration official is feeling that day.  Obviously, not having the forms at the ready, It being Sunday, and her having to break up a fight between her kids over the phone while she was waiting on us to complete the forms did not put her in the best of moods.   Oh Well, not much we can do.   We will have to catch a lot of lobster, conch and fish to make up to the extra money spent.   We are anchored with about 15 other boats (it seems many are Canadian) in an anchorage next to the Green Parrot, a local Restaurant and Bar.  It is also close to the part of town where we may find what we need to fix DD.  They have a dingy dock that they let the cruisers park at.  It was interesting waking up in a harbor and taking immediate notice of the change in morning sounds.  Cars, Radios, sounds of a city waking up, Non-seabirds, (even a rooster crowing).   Mike spent this morning replacing the alternator with the spare and although the light comes on now, It does not go off after a brief time, indicating there is still a problem and the batteries are still not being charged by the engine.   We finally gave up working on it for the day and took the dingy to shore and walked around to get the lay of the land.  There was not much happening as it is the Monday after Boxing Day and a major holiday on the Island.  (They take their holidays seriously around here) We found laundry facilities, which I will take advantage of very soon.  (There has not been much sun and without enough power to make water, we are conserving that also)  We walked under the bridge and found the local produce market and the conch, and fish shacks that sell the local fair.  We then went across the harbor and toured Atlantis Resort and Casino.   We saw many Lily white or lobster red families packed around numerous man-made pools and a private stretch of beach.   It was very Disneyland/water park/Casino in feel and although very opulent, nothing was complimentary including water.    Beers were $7.50.  Food, like Disneyland was extremely high priced.   It was interesting to walk through but I have seen all I want to and am ready for a more real adventure.   We stopped into an Ice Cream parlor near Atlantis but at $4.00 per scoop we opted not to indulge.    We made our way back to DD made ourselves a cocktail and had a nice dinner.  Mike’s had his nose in the manual this evening and will try to troubleshoot the power issue again in the morning.



  1. Hi Guys,
    We are very glad to here from you again. You have satisfied us all out here with another update and we thank you for that. I was beginning to wonder if things did not go so well with the window of opportunity that you had for your crossing. always good to here that you are safe and sound.
    Sorry that you are having problems with your charging system . If you need I can send you a electrician form the states to help, just give me the word and it will be done.
    All is good here in Pagosa springs. Another christmas has come and gone thank god! and now we can set our sights on new years resolutions .
    New years is always a good time to let go of what is not working in our lives and call in what we choose to create in the new year. Oh yeah baby, bring it on!
    Keep the posts coming and tell that sparky captain to get busy on the charging issue and stay out of the $4.00 a scoop ice cream shops.

    Keeping you in our thoughts daily, Stu&Bridget

  2. Howdy Rowdies!
    Congratulations on the adventure/ordeal of dashing through the waves and boldly making the crossing!
    As we were cross country skiing and soaking on Christmas, we were thinking of you.
    Live the dream!

  3. Another nice update. Thanks. Kerry Cindy, and the boys are staying here at the big house, along with his mom Geri,and stepdad Jim. Kerry’s sister Tanya , husband Joe, and three nice kids came up from Phoenix and spent the day with us. We all had a great time. Mom fixed a nice roast beef dinner for us all (13). Cindy, Kerry and the boys plan to return to Fullerton tomorrow.

    Don and Corey are in Calif at Dave ‘s house and plan to drive back as far as Prescott tomorrow (Wednesday) and spend the night here before driving on to Pagosa. Kerry’s folks will stay another day or two, and we will visit Jerome and possibly Sedona tomorrow. Sage flew to Biloxi on Dec 28th. Haven’t heard from him yet.

    Good luck on the repairs. Stay safe. See you soon in Georgetown.

    Love you guys. …….Dad & Mom

  4. Hi
    Just to let you know the $300 fee was in effect in 2004, when we went back. So it was just a problem with the Guide.
    Glade to see you are safe, I’m sure the Charging problem is driving you nuts.

  5. Great to see you guys are safe and sound. It is currently a balmy 19 here in PS with blue skies.
    Stab a big fish for me !

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