Posted by: bearcruzer | December 29, 2009

Across the Banks

Dec 26th

We left North Cat Cay and made our way across the Great Bahama Bank and pulled another 12 hour day.   The sunset coming across the Banks was beautiful.  The water is various shades of turquoise and crystal clear.   We anchored at Chub Cay at around 7:00pm.   We spent the night but did not leave the boat to check in at Chub.  Dancing Dolphin is expressing her displeasure with us pushing her to get here by not charging our battery banks when the engine is running.   This leaves us with just our solar and wind for power.   To conserve what power we had left, (It has been cloudy for days) we prepared and ate dinner by candlelight and although romantic we can’t help but worry about having enough to keep our batteries happy and allow us the conveniences we have become accustomed to.   The solar and wind systems can keep up with a standard daily draw but cannot top off the batteries or keep them fully charged.  We need the extra power at times, especially if we want those little luxuries like communications or powering the water maker, etc.   We decided we will press on to Nassau as there is more in the way of repair facilities and access to parts.  The winds were in our favor and we made an easy 7 hour journey to Nassau.


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