Posted by: bearcruzer | December 24, 2009

Twas the Night Before Christmas

Dec 24  10:30pm

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the boat, preparations were made to keep her afloat.   The children were visiting families and friends while Crystal and Michael envisioned warm trends.

We’ve studied the charts and the weather for days,  we’re determined to start on our sea gypsy ways.   So Mike in his Jacket and I donned mine too, weighed anchor that night hoping we’d make it through.

The window for crossing is ever so small but we must push on through or not go at all.   The North Winds are coming, the weather man gloomed, the window is closing and you’ll soon be marooned.  But the Windgen still humming, it’s supposed to slow soon, or at least that’s what the weather man said around noon.

The table top Christmas tree with its lights all aglow has been bagged for the night and is stowed down below.  Anything breakable, loose, or just light has all been tied down or is now packed up tight.

With a Thermos of coffee and plenty to eat, this night should be really a wonderful treat.  We’ve brought along extra this night as you know in case we see Santa before shouting Land Ho!

So out of safe harbor we left Christmas Eve, wondering “maybe we’re being just foolish to leave”.   Missing our family and friends gives us reason, to wish we could be by their side at this season.   It’s hard when our dreams at times take us away and we wish we could be in both places today.

But traveling out on this warm windy night, one can’t help but dream of those future delights.  Warm sands and water so clear and so blue, that you wonder if you’re looking at one sky or two.

Sailing between two heavens we go and we take you all with us in our hearts don’t you know!    So you’ll hear us exclaim as we sail out of sight.   Merry Christmas to all and to all,  “When’s your flight?”

Sunrise Dec 24th, 2009



  1. Have a wonderful and safe crossing.
    Love you. …..Dad & Mom

  2. That was a wonderful poem. We are following every tack of your journey.

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