Posted by: bearcruzer | December 24, 2009

Hurry Up and Wait.

Dec 21-24

We weathered the storms and pressed onward.   Our plan was to travel up to Angelfish Creek and wait for the weather to break to cross to the Bahamas.  Unfortunately as we were sailing north what broke was our inverter.  We weighed our options and realized that we could probably do without many of the conveniences it allowed us but one essential that we really needed it for was to power our laptops to allow us communication via e-mail and WiFi.  Addictions are hard to break.   So we spent the night at Pumpkin Key and traveled back to Key Largo to pick up a small inverter that will power our laptops while trying to figure out if we can live without the larger unit.   Sigh!  We made the best of it though getting up early and making it to Key Largo and back to Angelfish Creek in one day.   We also got out the Bikes and took them ashore to make our travel time less.   It felt good to pedal again.  We picked up a small 700watt inverter that should power everything we need for communications and for the vacuum.  Mike removed the inverter from it’s cubby.  Mike said, “It’s like trying to remove a 50lb rock from a crawl space.”  He really wanted to pitch it over the side when I asked him, ever so gently, in his current frustrated state, “how about opening it up and taking a look to see if it is just a loose wire or something maybe you could fix, it won’t make it any worse.”  He humored me and took off the housing, he checked connections and adjusted sensors.   He left it in the middle of the salon and hooked it up to the battery bank with some spare cables and Voila! It started humming!  I’m so glad he didn’t make it our 4th anchor.  McGiver Mike muscled it back into it’s cubby and hooked it back up.  She is still working today and we’re crossing our fingers and toes that she keeps on keepin on.   We spent the next couple of days washing down Dancing Dolphin and readying her for her passage.  We also used up and I’m sure exceeded our minutes catching up and wishing many of our family and friends a Merry Christmas.   Today was spent reading, writing, relaxing, and putting on the last of the finishing touches to many of the projects on our to do list.  It is 9:30pm here.  Mike is sleeping as he will have first watch after getting us through the channel to the ocean tonight.   I am hurriedly attempting to get this finished and posted as I don’t know when I will have internet access again for a while.   I will try to get e-mail out to some of you during our passage across to the Bahamas via SSB e-mail.    I will sign off for now with my prayer for peace this holiday season and for the safety of our troops and an end to this prolonged futile war.  My you all be blessed this holiday season and in the coming New Year with good health, love, happiness, and prosperity.     See you on the other side!  (of the Gulf Stream that is!)


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