Posted by: bearcruzer | December 20, 2009

Waiting on Weather

December 20th,2010

Hello from Tarpon Basin, Key Largo.  Mike and I are hunkered down here in the Basin.  We are waiting out a cold front that is coming through and it has gotten down into the 50’s at night.  We are in long pants and wearing our woolie slippers that our friend Jackie made for us and feeling very grateful that we brought them with us after all.  We spent a couple of eventful days in Sunset cove off of Key Largo. Our first day here we put our dingy in the water and spent a delightful day taking a nice 3 mile walk up the Grocery Store and back,  we stopped at the Tower of Pizza and enjoyed one of our last Pizza’s before leaving for parts unknown.  We have been able to catch a bit of TV on occasion (Thanks to Mike’s little TV antennae that he hauls up the mast)  We saw that there was an approaching storm and felt we were in a good place to ride it out.    The next day brought winds in the 25 – 45 kts range and heavy rain squalls.    Our windgen was really got a workout and we eventually had to tie it off.   I put up our Christmas tree during the storm as a way of feeling somewhat normal during the ordeal(Oh I meant adventure).   During the brunt of the storm the winds came up from the south west but as the rain passed stonger winds clocked around to come from the N/NW.  Dancing Dolphin had a rough night hobby horsing around her anchor.   We moved her over into Tarpon Basin yesterday morning.   We are encircled by Mangroves here and have better protection here than Sunset Cove.   So now Mike and I are hunkered down here in the Basin.  DD is doing well at keeping us safe and dry and likes the calmer water.   We took our Dingy, Mighty Mouse, on a windy, wild ride over into Blackwater Sound and walked over to a local flea Market and a bookstore yesterday.     It is still blowing and cold today.  We will probably move the boat tomorrow or Tuesday and re-fuel prior to crossing the gulf stream to the Bahamas on Wed or Thursday.  So hopefully we will be there by Christmas.    Today is a day for Telephone calls to those friends we had not touched base with for a while to gather last minute contact information and say our farewells until such time as we can enjoy their company again.   We hope that some will seriously consider meeting up with us during our travels and we look forward to meeting and making many new friends along the way.    It is noon here and the sun just broke through the cloud cover for the first time today making the water sparkle. There are a couple of mooching gulls that have been hanging around the boat waiting on any scraps.  They always show up around mealtimes.   Smart Birds.   If we hang around here much longer I’m sure I’ll end up naming them too.



  1. We’re enjoying all your blog updates. We look forward to each new one. Sage and Corey’s pictures beside your boat’s Christmas Tree looked real good! Have a safe crossing to the Bahamas. See you in Georgetown at the airport at 3 PM Jan 21st! …Love, ….Dad and Mom

  2. Mike and Crystal – believe it or not, I read all your posts. Crystal – you are a good writer. More natural talent than you may think. Are you going to rename your boat?
    Had to get a prop from England? Oh well, Joshua Slocum made it around the world with sails. Getting ready to snow again here in White Sulphur Springs. We do have a world class spa here, and so can escape the frigid temperatures. Edna is playing Christmas carols on her Baldwin right now. Our cathedral ceiling is 19′ high, with knotty pine covering, so the piano sounds like it is in a concert hall. Now that I know what kind of cat you purchased, I will go on line and read all about it. Will you have a mailing address? So I can send you a special boating present. From the skipper of the Far West II. Warm, personal regards. Yellowstone John

  3. Ignore my question about changing boat name. I hadn’t read the “our floating home” piece.

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