Posted by: bearcruzer | December 16, 2009

Bon Voyage at Last

December 16, 2009

Well, we cast off our dock lines at 10:30 Dec 13, and said a bittersweet farewell to our home for the last 3 months.  We can’t thank Mikes Mom Lore and Stepdad Vince enough for the wonderful hospitality and support they have given us.   We will miss cocktail hour and the wonderful meals always at the ready at the end of a long work day on the boat.    We will miss the antics of Miss Lexi Ann their Bijon/Poodle mix.   (Ok, except for her habit of eating Crystal’s Sunglasses).    Vince said a fond farewell for both he and Lore as Mom had to fly to Colorado to be at the bedside of Mike’s Sister Kathy who has suddenly taken ill.  Our prayers are with her daily and we are keeping up to date via our boat e-mail address.   As I write this we have traveled around the south end of FL and are anchored off of Upper Matacumbe Key in the FK keys.   After we left Punta Gorda, we traveled across Charlotte Harbor and through the GICW down to just south of Pine Island.  We were treated to many pods of dolphin dancing around the boat as a send off as well as a baby that was playing slip and slid over the backs of the adults.   There has been little wind and we have had to motor or motor sail for much of our time.    The bird life between Gordon Pass and Marco Island was phenomenal.  We were treated to the aerial acrobatics of frigates and pelicans, what amazing flyers.  We anchored next to Coconut Island which was more of a sand spit than an Island but the bay was calm and we had a restful night sleep.   We are still continuing to learn about the boats systems and consider this our shakedown.   Our table took a hard bump from the wake of a passing boat and we had to repair it as the wood attached to the floor split.   We stayed at Little Shark River and even though it is December the bugs were still voracious even ¼ mile offshore.  (Just like Mike remembered)  Again we were greeted and sent off by the Dolphins.   They have been welcome company and always bring a smile.  Mike has worked out some glitches in the Windgen system and Crystal continues to battle a couple of software/hardware compatibility issues to keep us in communication with you all.   A bit of good news,   Mike tested the Watermaker today and it appears to be working, if not up to capacity, at least at 6 gal per hour.   It is a welcome addition to our cruising lifestyle.   It has taken quite a bit of work to get here but it has been worth it.   We think of our friends and family daily and hope you are all blessed with good health and happiness this holiday season and throughout the coming year.   Our cell phone will work for the next week or so and then we will be accessible via e-mail only.  We have a new e-mail that we can access from the boat daily and also a WiFi booster for when we get close enough to shore to access the internet.  The boat e-mail is somewhat limited as it downloads to our computer at the rate of dialup but if you would like to have it please drop us a line at our gmail addresses and we will send it to you.    Well,  there are storm clouds on the horizon and so I had better wrap this up for now…….more to come!    Meanwhile here are some photos from the last few days!


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