Posted by: bearcruzer | November 3, 2009

Maiden Voyage Completed

Oct 28 – Nov 1

We both fell asleep for about an hour, me in the cockpit and Mike below, waiting for enough light to see the unlit channel markers to the ICW.   I woke to the sounds of 4 large power boats approaching.   I woke Mike and we hauled anchor and made our way through the channel to the ICW and on up to Charlotte Harbor.   We entered the Harbor along with another Sailboat and put out our headsail to Motor-sail the rest of the way across the Harbor.  Up ahead of us Sailing was another Catamaran.   Mike got out his Binoculars and said “Crystal, that catamaran in front of us is a Victory like ours.”  What are the odds?     A few minutes later the other Victory called DUET hailed us on the VHF and we had a great conversation with Bob and Sherry.   Bob just retired 4 weeks ago and so they have been enjoying many new excursions on their Victory which they love.   We exchanged contact information and planned to meet up with them in the coming weeks to see if we can plan a get together.   There were numerous Dolphin around us as we crossed the Harbor and because Bob and Sherry were not running there engine, they had a great encounter with the dolphins coming up to their boat and swimming between their hulls.   I am looking forward to getting closer myself, but for now I was just happy to be on the final leg of our 28 hour passage back to Mike’s Folks house.    As we entered the canals near the house,  Mike talked me through the Docking procedure.   I thought I understood but when it came down to getting the boat next to the dock and tying her off, I got his directions backwards and was unable to jump from the boat down to the dock.  (me and my poor depth perception)  The boat drifted just past the dock and ended up kissing the seawall with the starboard hull before Mike was able to jump to the rescue and tie her off properly.   I was in tears and told him “I feel horrible about scratching his Pride and Joy.   He just held me and told me that “I was his Pride and Joy”.  Can someone tell me what I was thinking marrying this guy!  So our Maiden Voyage has come to its conclusion and now it is time to make over Dancing Dolphin into our home.   We have been scrubbing furiously and making upgrades to bring her up to our standards.   We have to send to England for a new prop and attachments so we will be ordering a 2nd set as well as additional parts for our sonic outdrive in the event of breakdown in the middle of nowhere again.    Mike found a beautiful Teak Folding Table for the Salon that he refinished and placed into our new home   We are slowly checking off our ToDo List and preparing for our extended cruising.




  1. We are so glad you made it safe and sound!
    Doug and I are some of many people who are vicariously enjoying the tropics with you.
    (Doug is jealous of Mikes Chaco tan!)

  2. Only one stressless recliner? They are impossible to share!

  3. Wow! What a beautiful boat. We’d sure love to come see you at some point in your journey and get a first hand glimpse of your adventures. We received your note (thanks!) and would love to send you a Christmas card but have no idea where we’d send it. Can you email us an address you’ll pick up mail at? Email it Can’t wait to follow along your journey blogs!
    Deb, Dave and gang

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