Posted by: bearcruzer | November 1, 2009

The Voyage home continues

Oct 23rd

We enjoyed a restful night on calm waters at Pumpkin Key and I woke early and made the coffee and sat up on our forward deck to enjoy the sunrise.    It was another beautiful day and I thought to myself ,”the only thing that could make this any more perfect  would be for a pod of dolphin to swim by.”  As if on queue, there they were.  Backlit by the morning sunrise, I was close to tears of joy for the second time in as many days.    We hauled anchor and proceeded on our journey south.   We had good wind and sailed for much of the day and then wove our way through mangroves.  The boat continued to perform beautifully.   We pulled around to what would normally be the lee side of Legnumvitae Key part of the Florida parks system.  It is a botanical Park.  There were complimentary Mooring Balls and Mike was able to grab one of them with our gaff as we did not have a boat hook on board.    I refer to the mooring as normally being on the lee side of the island but as there were still winds coming from the North east.  There was quite a bit wave action where there would normally be calm.  We spent a not so quiet night as the boat drifted broadside to the waves causing them to slam into the hull where we were trying to sleep.   I didn’t realize boats could be so loud.   The previous owner told us about rigging the boat with a bridle so that it won’t swing on anchor or mooring.  We will have to figure out how to do that.   While on the mooring, Mike donned his snorkel gear and checked on the strength of our mooring and then got his first personal look at the underside of the hulls.    We will probably be having her hauled and bottom painted before we leave for the Bahamas.     The water temp was great and we enjoyed a dip and a sun shower off the back transom before dinner.


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