Posted by: bearcruzer | October 29, 2009

Sage Graduates Air Force BMT

Oct 15-19th

Hello All,  For the past couple of weeks, Mike and I have been busy handling the details of the Purchase, Documentation, and Insuring of our 35 ft Catamaran, Dancing Dolphin. We had hoped we would be able to close the sale and move her back to Mike’s Folks Dock before we left to see our youngest son Sage Graduate from Military Basic Training for the Air Force this last weekend  but as is so often the case, it was not meant to be.   We closed on the boat on October 14th, the day before we were to fly out to San Antonio, TX.   Upon arrival in San Antonio and procuring our rental car we made contact with My Parents and Sage’s Dad.   We drove straight from the Airport bypassing checking into the hotel and directly to Lackland Air Force Base to meet up with Sage, his Grandparents Pat & Martin Sperry, and his Dad Don Coughlin.  They had arrived the day before from Prescott, AZ and Pagosa Springs, CO and had been spending the first part of Thursday watching the Airman’s Run and the Airman’s Coin Presentation.   We met up with Sage and the rest of the family at the café in the Bowling Alley on the Base.   Sage looked great in his uniform and was walking tall and proud after the challenges he faced over the past 8 weeks.    The maturity and confidence he has gained is evident in his demeanor and mannerism.   I said goodbye to a boy 8 weeks ago and hello to a man this weekend.    It was a happy tearful (at least on my part) reunion and we enjoyed hearing in greater detail many of the stories of the adventures (funny and not so funny) of the last few weeks.   Sage has kept that great smile and wonderful sense of humor.    Sage only had Base liberty the first day together so after lunch, since it was Payday, Sage stopped at the bank and then we all went over to the BX – base department store – where Sage purchased a Play Station Portable.   It was nice to see that some things still haven’t changed.   Friday morning we were met with cold winds as we were bused out to the Parade grounds surrounded by Military Aircraft and waited to watch Sage and the other 789 young men and women Graduate from Basic Military Training.   The ceremonies were very impressive complete with a Marching Band High Ranking Military Guests.  The individual Flights and entire Squadron were all presenting us with their best efforts.    Sage’s Flight was sporting 2 additional ribbons on their Flag for Top Honors in Academics and Beast Week.   The entire Squadron had won top honors for the Quarter.   We enjoyed the rest of the day together off base.  We took Sage over to the RV Park where his Grandparents and Father were staying along with Sage’s Dog Dusty and Cat Archie.  It was a great reunion and the animals were delighted to see him again.   We all had a great dinner at the Red Lobster and then Sage, Mike, Don & I took in a Spurs vs. Cavaliers basketball game.    Saturday we all spent the day with the pets in the morning and exploring downtown San Antonio and the Alamo where Sage’s ancestor Davey Crockett met his demise.   We took a boat ride around the Riverwalk area and Sage enjoyed the eye candy provided by all the pretty civilian girls.   Mike and I said our goodbyes to Sage Saturday night as we had to fly out Sunday morning.    It was a tearful goodbye for all of us (Sage Included)  but he is excited to begin his training in Air Traffic Control at Keesler AFB outside of Buloxi, Miss.  He ships out at 00:01 on Monday morning,  He has a bright future ahead of him and we are very proud of his accomplishments.   We are now back in Florida. We will be traveling to Ft Lauderdale tomorrow to Pick Up Dancing Dolphin and bring her around to Punta Gorda, FL. where we will spruce her up and provision her for our winter in the Bahamas.   Stay Tuned for more adventures to come.

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  1. Oh my goodness. You made me cry when I read that you said goodbye to a boy as he left for BMT and now greeted a man. It’s hard to realize how fast our children grow up and become such wonderful young adults. Congratulations to him and you all….you raised him well….and it shows.

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