Posted by: bearcruzer | October 1, 2009

Farewell CP, Hello DD

Oct 1, 2009

A new month and a new chapter has begun.   How’s that go, today is the first day of the rest of your life.   Make it a good one.   Over the last couple of weeks we have bid a fond farewell to our beloved Motor home Creampuff.   Her new owners Bob and Lisa Ahlstrom will take her from Florida on a Trip up to Ohio.   We really enjoyed meeting them and they were very appreciative of all the work we put into her to make her sparkle.    We know they will enjoy her as much as we have and we hope she provides them with as many great memories as she has given us.   We have been very busy over the last couple of weeks shopping for items we know we will need on our extended cruise.   We purchased a used/nearly new 2006 AB Dingy with a 25 HP Tohatsu Motor.    We took her out for a spin on Charlotte Harbor and then over to Vince and Lore’s Dock.  She really gets up and scoots.   She will be great for getting to fishing holes, snorkeling spots, and traveling to and from Shore.   She’s our new car.   Craigslist has not only provided us with many of the items we need to outfit the boat but has allowed us to meet some terrific people who have also spent time on the water in a variety of boats and adventures.    We made a wonderful new friend in Jenny who not only sold us our SSB Radio and Pactor Modem but invited us to see her pictures and shared some of her stories of her trip across the Atlantic to Africa and back in 2001 in a Steel Hulled Boat.   She is quite the adventurer and an inspiration for getting out there and living the dream to the fullest.   We purchase 1950’s Pfaff 130 Sewing machine(these have been highly rated by sailors around the world) from Lynn & Preston who sailed a 52 ft Vagabond all around the Caribbean and a couple of folding bikes from their neighbor Ted who sails a Catalina 40.   Yesterday we met with Noel, the current owner of Dancing Dolphin, along with Bill the Broker, to take her out for our final Sea Trial.   We had her bottom cleaned yesterday and the diver said her bottom was in great condition.   We took her out of the ICW in Ft. Lauderdale to the Atlantic and even though the winds were light she handled well and true to her name she danced across the water at 6.5 kts in only 11 kts of wind.   She moves well through her tacks and we got some great tips from Noel and Bill on how to tweek her sails for optimum performance.    I took notes on some of her systems and the advice given by these knowledgeable individuals as well as notes on how to navigate the canals and bridges to the open ocean.   Noel had fired up all the systems and everything seemed to work great.  Noel has taken wonderful care of her and we feel we are getting a well maintained and reliable not to mention beautiful boat.  Noel is also wonderfully personable and gave us his telephone number to call him with any questions.     We signed the final paperwork for them to proceed with the transfer of ownership and hopefully we will be able to take possession in 5-14 days.  We will then sail her down through the keys and up the gulf coast to Mike’s folks Dock to upgrade her and outfit her for her trip to the Bahamas.    Thing are finally coming together and it is hard to be patient in these final days before she becomes ours.   I have posted more Pictures of Dancing Dolphin to see her in more detail click on MORE PHOTOS  and then go to the Dancing Dolphin Set.




  1. Enjoyed the update and the boat pics. Sounds like your adventure plans are all falling into place. We are very excited for you. Hope we can meet you somewhere in the Caribbean next year and do a little sailing and fishing.

    We’re looking forward to seeing you both in San Antonio, TX in Mid October to attend Sage’s graduation from Air Force Basic Training.

    Love, ….Dad & Mom

  2. Sage’s graduation already?!? Heavens how time flies! You have a very cool car there, but I notice Crystal wasn’t wearing a seat belt! Look out Charmer!
    Send your mailing address to us so we can send a CD to you.
    Have fun! Doug and Laura

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