Posted by: bearcruzer | September 20, 2009


Sept 18th

Hello from Muggy, Buggy, Florida.  I can understand why the snowbirds fly North in the Summer and come back in the fall.  Where’s the Calomine Lotion?  I haven’t updated for a while because frankly, there was not much happening.  We start our day by getting up early and try to get a walk or bike ride in before it gets too hot.  The middle of the day is spent on-line looking for things we will need to outfit a boat for extended cruising or taking a drive to do the same.   We had a great visit with our friends Don & Julie Nyman at their beautiful home in Cape Coral.  Don is recovering nicely after blowing out his knee at Wolfcreek this winter and after 3 reconstructive surgeries, is working hard with his PT to regain mobility.  His goal is to be back on the slopes by the 2010-2011 ski season.    We have been looking around for a dingy and motor as both of the boats we have been looking at do not come with one, as Mike put it, “It will be our new car”.   Since arriving back in FL, we have been negotiating with brokers on a couple of boats we were interested in but we really weren’t sure if anything would come of it.  We had made an offer a couple of weeks ago on one of the Victory 35 Catamarans that we looked at while we were in St. Augustine, FL but the owners , a nice as they were, came back with such a high counter offer that we didn’t think we could afford what they were hoping to get for their boat and we didn’t want to insult them by trying to get them down to what we could afford.   We backed out of that deal and made an offer on the other Victory 35 Catamaran that we had looked at in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.  It needs a little more updating on the interior but was more in our price range.  The owner of that boat made a more reasonable counter offer.  In the last couple of days, things have really started happening.  We made a counter offer of our own and met the owner in the middle between the two offers.  We got confirmation yesterday morning that our counter-offer had been accepted.  So in essence, barring any unforeseen circumstances, WE OWN A BOAT!  We paid a little more than we were hoping to but the boat is in really good shape on the exterior and well set up for extended sailing.   Mike and I have made a wish list of what needs to be done to the interior to bring her up to our standards.    You know what happens when Mike sets his mind on a project.  She will sparkle when we get done with her. We hope to complete the transaction and transfer of ownership in the next week or so and then drive over to Ft. Lauderdale to pick up the boat and sail her around from the east coast to Punta Gorda on the gulf coast where we will put her at Mike’s folks Dock while we work on getting her ready to go.   It should take us about 3 days to sail her back from Ft. Lauderdale.  The other news that has happened in the last couple of days is I had been looking at RV’s on Craigslist (a free advertising site on-line) to get an idea of how much to sell the Creampuff for.   I put our RV with Pics on the site and we had a response requesting more pics by that same night and then another couple came the very next day and left us a down payment while they get a place set up to keep it.  They will return with the remainder of the purchase price in cash and pick up the Creampuff this weekend.   We were able to sell her for what we were hoping for, and I think she sold so quickly because of how great her interior looked after we remodeled her.  We will do the same to the boat.   Her name is currently Dancing Dolphin……nice but does not easily roll off the tongue when calling on the SSB……so as before we are looking for suggestions for a boat name.   




  1. Boat look great! How fun, you two are on your way! Stay in touch and keep them pics comming.

  2. boat looks great, congrats. we are happy for both of you. have a great and safe time. enjoy your blog. bob and barb

  3. It’s beautiful! Keep having a great time.

  4. Happened to see your entry. Congrats on the Victory 35. We’re considering a Victory 35. Do you know how they perform? Is upwind okay? Does the bridge deck have enough clearance?

    • Wayne, she is very responsive and easy to handle. As far as upwind plan on motor/sailing as being a Cat she does not point as well as a monohull. We were however still able to sail fairly well at 50 degrees true. Her bridge deck clearance seems good. Not much slamming but we haven’t yet taken her in any big water. Bridle her on anchor as she will swing broadside to the waves and become noisy with wave slap. Parts for her systems have been a challenge to locate. All in all we are very happy with our purchase. If you write again we will update you as we proceed with our travels. Good Luck.

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