Posted by: bearcruzer | September 9, 2009

Back to Florida

Sept 8th,

Sage called last night, but we missed his call…..Mom is devastated.     The message he left let us know he was doing well and that boot camp was tough but he was having some fun.     I hope we get to hear from him again soon.   We are currently settled into Mike’s parent’s spare room in Punta Gorda, FL and will be making this our home base while we hopefully finalize a deal on a boat.   It is nice to be in one place again for a while.  We put over 12,000 miles on the Creampuff in the 2 months we were on the road.   To bring everyone up to speed we left Corey in Greenville and traveled up to Raleigh, NC and had a wonderful visit with Mike’s Sister Barb, her husband Michael, and daughter Lauren.  We got to attend a High School Football game.  GO HAWKS!  Lauren is on the Varsity Cheerleading Squad and Our team Won!   It was a great evening even though it rained for much of the game (blessed yet again!).  We spent the next day with Barb, Mike, & Lauren and a couple of their friends waterskiing and Tubing.  Their friends had just gotten a new boat and were kind enough to take us out for a fantastic time on the lake.   We got to see Barb play a wicked game of tennis.  She is amazing!   Thanks to all of the Longabardo’s for a great visit we will not soon forget!  The Granola and Honey is wonderful!   We would have loved to stay longer but again we press onward with our mission to find our boat.  We made arrangements to see another boat in Brunwick, GA.   It was a Seawind 1000 and although it is a faster sailing Cat then some of the others we are looking at…..The livability was not as nice.    Sept 2nd. My Birthday found us on Jekyll Island GA. , where we had planned to spend a little time riding bicycles and exploring the Island.  Unfortunately, it was pouring rain and so our plans were again altered.  I will forever refer to this year as the wettest on record for all my important days.  We drove back down to St. Augustine, FL to look a 2nd time at one of the Victory Catamarans we had seen previously.   Around Noon, I finally reminded Mike that it was my birthday.   Oops! He had forgotten.  I think it was a test to see if married life had changed my sense of humor or my level of patience.  He apologized and took me out for a nice dinner.   The next day we traveled to Ft. Lauderdale and looked a 2nd time at the other Victory Catamaran and then drove to the west Coast of FL to Mike’s Folk’s Home in Punta Gorda.   So here we are.  We have unloaded everything out of the Creampuff and cleaned her up.  She has served us well and we appreciate here bringing us safely to our next adventure.  We will put her on the Market for someone else to enjoy and hopefully have a boat to call our home in the very near future.   Keep your fingers crossed for us




  1. You Bums, you were 2 hours away from us, and drove on by.

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