Posted by: bearcruzer | August 29, 2009

Visit with Corey

We traveled back up along the FL coast and into GA and SC.   I must say that there is not much to say about GA or the SC countryside.   If you travel the interstate like Mike and I did, you are traveling through a corridor of trees and woods on both sides of the road.   This continues throughout both states until you reach the coast.  No offense intended toward either state, just an observation.  I’m sure there is a lot to see if you have a destination and get off of the interstate.   We took turns driving and arrived at Corey’s place around 10:30pm and spent a couple of hours visiting with him before heading out to the motor home to sleep.   The next morning Corey packed a bag and as he was leaving his elderly neighbor lady came out and said “You’re not leaving us are you?” He assured her he would be back in a couple of days and we headed out through the corridor of trees to the Beach.   We made it to Myrtle Beach and stopped at a couple of the beach shops.  We all needed some new swimsuits.   There were some great deals to be had and so Mike and I stocked up on suits for the boat and Corey got a new suit as well.   We checked into our campground at Huntington Beach and headed down to cool off in the surf.  It was terrific.   The SC coast goes on for miles and has great silky sand that packs hard enough to ride a bike on during low tide.  We spent the next couple of days swimming & walking the beach.  We saw a huge spider with an abdomen the size of my thumb that had caught a cicada.  It made walking through the trees to get to the beach an interesting experience knowing who made the webs you were walking through. Corey spent some time teaching  Mom some  guitar chords.   Corey rented a bike and we took a late afternoon ride down the beach and back.  We rode maybe 10 miles total.  Poor Corey who is not used to riding was a bit sore by the end or should I say, on the end.   In the evenings we all enjoyed the show put on by the lighten bugs.  We ate well too.  Mike used one of the cans of green chili that Corey’s dad Don had sent to him to make a batch of green chili which we all enjoyed and consumed over those 3 days.    Mike and I enjoyed watching the sunrise while walking the beach for the last time before returning Corey home to Greenville.  He took us to downtown Greenville where a river and waterfall run through a park in the middle and a suspension bridge allows you to traverse the falls.   We then headed over to the Blue Ridge Brewing Co. for some local microbrews.   We walked up the street and shared a pizza before heading back to Corey’s place.   We visited for a couple more hours and then said our goodbyes to Corey with a hope that our paths will cross again very soon.  




  1. Well, I spent the last 1/2 hour getting caught up. Last time I read the blog you were still in WA.

    I’m looking forward to see what decision you make on the boat!

  2. Howdy Pro Rowdies, Sounds like you are still living the dream!! At the Folk fest a guy that want solar and wind at his place in Placencia,Bz. I made sure he got a card. He may try to get some other people together to save on shipping. I’ll keep you posted if an thing developes. Doug

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