Posted by: bearcruzer | August 29, 2009


Well we have been on the road a bit since I last wrote to you all.  We traveled into LA and stopped at a KOA campground in New Orleans.   We spent the afternoon riding our bikes on the levee and then swimming in the pool there.   We drove through downtown New Orleans but didn’t stop as the streets are very narrow and there really isn’t parking for Motor Homes.    There are still many areas around the city with uninhabitable buildings left by Hurricanes Rita and Katrina.   We will have to come back and enjoy the ambiance of the city when we have more time.   Right now the goal is to find a boat and hopefully be in the Bahamas by November.    We traveled to Mobile AL to see our first Catamaran, a Kennex.   We got the address from the broker and drove to a small Marina.   The poor Kennex had been sorely neglected and needed more work & money than we were willing to commit to.   We continued our journey along the gulf coast.   We traveled through Mississippi and stopped for the evening somewhere in Northern FL, another Wally World Camping endeavor.   (Note to self:  Never park near Loading Docks or Garbage cans of 24hr Walmarts when camping.  They don’t appreciate you being there and let you know by making as much noise as possible, all night long.)  We traveled on to St Augustine where the 2nd boat on our list was located.  A 35 ft Victory Catamaran.   We arranged a tour of the vessel and were impressed by the amount of living space available.   They current owners are liveaboards and even had a cat that looked like a fat Archie.   They have meticulously kept the boat so she is in good condition.  We would have to add Solar, Dingy, 2nd Anchor, and a few other etc’s to make her into what we would use her for but that’s all part of what might be negotiated with price.  We will travel south to Ft. Lauderdale to see another Victory 35 and a Lagoon TPI to have something to compare this one to. 




  1. Looked at both Victory 35’s on Yachtworld, looks great. Don’t even think about a manual windless. We had electric on both boats, and would watch the manual windless guys, get up in the morning, start winding in 150 ft of chain at 90 degrees and be in a full body sweat by the time it was ready to head out. not a nice way to spend the day.
    I’m looking forward to following your adventures
    George and Paula

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