Posted by: bearcruzer | August 29, 2009

St Augustine to Ft Lauderdale

We really liked the feel of St. Augustine, FL.  It is the oldest permanent European settlement on the North American continent.  We stayed at Anastasia State Park.  The campground was great and we rode our bikes down to the beach and enjoyed watching the Surfers.   Hurricane Bill that traveled north through the Atlantic had kicked up the waves to 6-8ft and everyone was having a great time even though many of them looked a little worse for the wear.   Mike and I walked out onto the pier to watch them closer. As we were admiring their skills we spotted a porpoise surfing the waves along with the surfers.   He was having as much fun as they were and as one wave broke that he was riding he jumped completely out of the water and did a spin in mid air.  What an incredible sight.   We felt really blessed to get to see that.  We traveled south to Ft. Lauderdale and made arrangements to see the Lagoon and the other Victory.   We stayed the weekend at a couple of the Broward County Parks.  They are really well set up and offer lots of different activities for the Public to take advantage of.  Everything from Frisbee Golf , Batting Cages, Driving Range, Water Park, & wakeboarding lessons , just to name a few.    The Lagoon was less than impressive and needed just slightly less work than the Kennex in Mobile AL.  We toured the other Victory and found her to be better equipped as far as rigging, less engine hours, and the outside of the vessel in better condition than the Victory in St. Augustine.   This Victory would need a little TLC on the inside but is also definitely in the running to become our next home.   We will weigh the pros and cons of both boats while we travel up to see our Oldest son Corey in Greenville, SC.  We will pick him up and take him out to the Myrtle Beach Area.   He has lived in SC for 4 years and has yet to see the SC Coast.   We have made reservations at Huntington Beach State Park for our visit. 



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