Posted by: bearcruzer | August 19, 2009

Back Home

We returned home to big Sage hugs.  It is wonderful to see so many familiar faces.  It is a strange but terrific feeling to have an open schedule that allows us to visit with so many of our friends.  Thanks to Karen and Laura for taking me hiking up to Alberta Peak where I left a smooth stone  that I picked up along my travels to the coast of Oregon, on the cairn at the summit.   Thanks to Laurie for allowing us to use her home as a central base of operations while we are here.   Thanks to Laurie, Stan, Don, Jim & Jackie who have been feeding us and wishing us well.       There have been big changes in the few days we have been back.  Sage was contacted by his recruiter and has been called up on the quick ship option.  He leaves for Air Force Boot Camp at Lackland AFB in San Antonio, TX this Tuesday.    He had just gotten hired by Eddie’s Uptown Grill and was supposed to start work Thursday Night.  He got the call from his recruiter Thursday morning and so had to call Ed back to let him know he would not be able to take the job after all.  We had planned on leaving Pagosa by Saturday but will stay through the weekend and deliver him to the Hyatt near the airport on Monday where he will become Air Force Property and will complete his processing as an Airman.    Mike, Don, & I put together a last minute farewell party for Sage on Sunday night and were extremely pleased and grateful to all those who turned out.   Many of Sage’s friends old and new as well as many of our friends who have watched him grow up were there to see him off.   You are all exceptional and will be missed greatly.  We enjoyed a last soak at the Overlook Spa with Sage after the party.   It will be some time before we can share time with each other as a family.  Mike and I will drive Sage to Abq. NM and stay to watch him sworn in as an Airman in the U.S. Air Force on Tuesday and then we will continue on our journey east to find our sailboat. 

Girls 2Alberta Peak009


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