Posted by: bearcruzer | August 15, 2009

Leaving (a new friend and my wallet in) Yellowstone

John joined us for Breakfast and we spent a last morning together.  We have enjoyed so many adventures with our wonderful new friend over the last couple of days but we need to get back to Pagosa to wrap up those last minute details before we head out to find OUR boat.   Michael and I feel blessed to have met John and look forward to keeping in touch with him as we continue our travels.  As we were driving away I realized I had left my wallet sitting on the sink in the restroom of the Marina a few hours earlier.  Michael remained very composed and turned the Motor home around and drove the 16 miles back to the Marina.   I checked with the Rangers there and some kind soul had turned it in.   Whew!  Greatly relieved, we drove south through the Tetons, admiring their majestic beauty.  We continued through Jackson and didn’t see one parking spot anywhere.  That town was hopping.   On our drive we got to see a herd of pronghorn antelope.   We put quite a few miles on the motor home, skirting another large thunderstorm, before stopping just north of the Colorado Boarder where we spent the night in a church parking lot, not knowing the denomination until morning but hoping that they did not have early morning Saturday services that we might disrupt.   We awoke early and continued toward home, stopping along the way at one of our favorite places ORVIS HOT SPRINGS.   We had a wonderful soak and then drove the Creampuff  to the campground outside of Ouray.   I must say…..the mountains of Southwest CO ranks in the top of the many beautiful places we have encountered thus far on our journeys.  We continued on over Red Mountain Pass and on to Durango where we splurged and got a full hookup camp spot complete with WIFI. We will stop by the SS Office and DMV on Monday so I can change to my last  name to Gillich and then home to Pagosa Springs for a few days. 

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  1. Don’t you guys even think of buying a boat without relieving me of all of the stuff that I still have that I will never have a need for, VHF base radio, Hand held, Anchors, dingy anchor, 100’s and 100’s of $$$ in fittings and stuff. Where are you going to look for your boat? East coast, West coast, NW, South coast?
    let me know.

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