Posted by: bearcruzer | August 14, 2009

Yellowstone Adventure Day 2

The next morning we planned on riding our bicycles over to a Natural Bridge not far from camp.  As we began our ride Mike wanted to check out the little Marina on Yellowstone Lake that was right outside the campground, no surprise there,  so we rode down to check out the boats.   As we were looking at the different types of boats that were kept at the Marina, a gentleman came up to us and asked where we were from and where we were headed?  His name was John Dracon and within a few minutes we found out he was staying on his 22 ft C-Dory, FAR WEST II, there at the Marina.   He invited us aboard to see his boat and upon discovering Mike was a sailor and hearing of our plans he asked us if we would like to take a ride with him out on Yellowstone Lake.   Well needless to say our bike ride from that point on consisted of riding back up to camp to change our clothes.  We spent the next couple of days with John and became fast friends, sharing meals and swapping jokes and stories.  John has been coming to Yellowstone for over 50 years and was even a volunteer ranger historian for the park at one time.    That first day out on the Lake, we traveled out to visit a couple of John’s Friends Jay and Jolee who also have a 22ft C-Dory called Hunkydory.  They were camping with their family at Eagle Bay on the Lake and John wanted to check on them.  We had lunch together and got to hear about some of HunkyDory’s adventures in Alaska.   We traveled back to the Marina and made plans to have dinner at our camp with John.   We had a wonderful meal and got to hear about John’s days as a Superintendent of Schools in Oregon.  At the end of that evening we were again invited by John out on the Lake, this time towing his 19ft sailing canoe.   We of course were delighted to accompany him.




  1. Mike is like a fly to a cupcake or is that a Mike to a boat. Is Mike a water baby?

  2. Paula and I are loving and looking forward to eery word of every entry. Have fun and keep up the blog Crystal.

  3. Crystal you are doing a great job,I so enjoy reading about your adventures. Hope you had several cans od OFF.

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