Posted by: bearcruzer | August 14, 2009

The Real Yellowstone Adventure Begins

We left old faithful and decided we would try to find a less accessible location for our next stop.  We read about Lone Star Geyser which is one of the few bicycle trails offered in the Park.   It was 2.5 miles to the Geyser and it erupted every 3 hours.  Even though we did not know when it was due to erupt we decided it would be a better choice to get away from the crowds.   It turned out to be a beautiful easy ride along a pristine creek.   As we rode along we encountered people leaving who had watched it erupt a short time before (just our luck) and told us it was worth the wait.    We arrived at the Geyser site and were delighted to find it with only a few people gathered.  We had about a 2 1/2 hour wait to watch it erupt so we hiked along the river that ran near the geyser and found numerous hot pools, springs and vents to explore.   The Geyser began to sputter and spray small bursts of hot water about 3-10 ft into the air for a few minutes then quieted down again.  Fortunately we had read the information provided and waited another 30 minutes for the big show.  The Geyser began shooting hot water about 25-30 ft high and continued for about 20 minutes, gradually changing from spewing water to belching steam.  There was even a small vent on the side of the geyser that was shooting sideways.  It was really cool to watch and a real pleasure to enjoy with only a few other people.    As we rode our bikes back to the Motor home we agreed it was definately worth the wait.



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