Posted by: bearcruzer | August 14, 2009


How about another Pic-a-nic Basket, Mr Ranger Sir?…..or how about another 4000?  Although we debated staying an extra day along the beautiful Buffalo River in Targhee National Forest we pressed on to Yellowstone.  We arrived at the West Entrance and waited in a long line of cars to get into the park.  We checked with the Visitor center at Madison Junction only to find out that we had arrived during the busiest season Yellowstone has seen in 5 years.   All the campgrounds in the Park were full.  We decided to head north and Visit a couple of geothermal sites and try to find a campground outside of the North Entrance for the night.    I had told Michael that we would know when we were getting close to seeing wildlife as the traffic would come to a crawl.  And so It was, our lone pic of the Bison was taken from the window of the Motor home as we rolled past in a line of cars going about 5mph.   We headed North and through the Park and stopped and Norris Geyser Basin.   I must say the Springs in Pagosa rivals if not surpasses the sulfur smell of Yellowstone.   Maybe my nose is just used to it.   We drove past but did not stop at Mammoth Hot Springs.  Looking up at the tiered deposits they looked like many of the springs had dried up.  Not quite as picturesque as I remembered.  We had to travel 16 miles out of the park to find a campground.  We got one of 2 spaces that were left and got up early the next morning to head back into the park, as the campgrounds in Yellowstone were reported to have been filling up by 8-10am daily.   Traveling in the park early is a great way to see some amazing sites without the crowds.  We stopped at Tower Falls and had them to ourselves.    We also stopped at Yellowstone Falls and Artists Point around 8:30.  The crowds were just beginning and we shared the overlook with a large group Jewish students chanting in Hebrew.   We passed a couple of large Bison lying out in the fields of the prairie and one dead badger.  We stopped at each of the Campgrounds we came to along the Eastern Side of the Jellystone Loop and finally found a camp spot for 2 nights at the Bay Bridge Campground.   Having secured a camp spot we continued over to Old Faithful Geyser and arrived just before lunch.   We watched it erupt with about 4000 other people sitting and standing 6 deep around the Geyser.  The parking lot to get in and out looked like something you would find at Disneyland.  We ate lunch in the motor home and took care of some telephone calls and waited for the throngs of cars to thin out before we continued our site seeing. 



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