Posted by: bearcruzer | August 9, 2009

Idaho Beauty!

 We left Boise and planned to travel to see Yellowstone National Park.  Michael has never been there and I was looking forward to sharing with him some of the amazing wildlife as well as the incredible geological aspects of our 1st National Park. We  traveled east across the beautiful state of Idaho enjoying a vast array of scenic areas.   The river system in Idaho is amazing and we saw numerous rafters out enjoying what seemed to us an extended rafting season.   On Bruce’s recommendation we stopped at a lovely Hot Springs next to the road outside of  Sunbeam ID and enjoyed a soak before lunch.   We pressed on and were intrigued by the incredible diversity of ecosystems.  We traveled through the  jagged and beautiful Sawtooth Mountains and enjoyed the desolate yet striking scenery of the Lava Cones rising over the sage covered prairie in the Craters of the Moon National Park.   We stopped for the evening outside of Yellowstone’s west entrance in the Targhee National Forest.   We were lucky enough to get a camp spot next to the River where we were priviledged to enjoy the company of Squirrels, Great Blue Herons, Kingfishers, Cormerants, Osprey, Bald Eagles, and numerous trout boiling the waters of the Buffalo River.   We relaxed around the campfire before bed and enjoyed a lovely walk in the morning .   We even found a  beaver dam and lodge not far from camp.   We considered staying an extra day but we wanted to press on to see Yellowstone.




  1. You can’t never have too much fun! When will you be back? The offer still stands if you want to park here awhile, we have garden produce to share. It has been down to almost freezing here in the mornings, so don’t know how much longer we’ll have a garden! The greenhouse is holding out okay though. CONTINUE ON HAVING FUN!

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